small Indian bathroom design

small Indian bathroom design: Ideas to Make a small bathroom look more spacious and beautiful!

Indian home buyers want to optimize bathroom spaces by using vertical walls, shelves, storage ideas, and many more.

Besides these ideas, some important design and material-related changes can actually make a small bathroom look big.

Small Indian bathroom design tips and tricks to make a small bathroom look bigger and more stylish.

1. Use Clear Glass-divider in your small bathroom shower

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  • The bathroom will look more stylish and spacious when you replace shower stalls (curtains) with clear tinted or toughened glass
  • With clear glass, a wall-like divider separating the shower area
  • Despite that, the clear walls make the shower area feel like it is part of the bathroom
  • This way, a CLEAR CLASS divider being transparent gives the illusion of more space
  • Clear glass also opens up the shower area to more light coming through
  • If the clear glass is not possible, the next alternative is to use a clear (transparent) shower curtain
  • However, it is much easier to clean glass shower doors rather than plastic-based curtain liners

2. Using mirrors or Shiny-surfaces in your tiny bathroom

Vanity Mirror Trends to Keep an Eye On | Small Indian bathroom design ideas

[Source- https://ryansallglass.com/]

  • Using a mirror maximizes visual space in any room
  • It makes a small bathroom look bigger
  • When light reflects on mirrors, it adds greater depth to a small bathroom
  • This way you can actually TRICK THE EYE. You can actually install TWO MIRRORS ON OPPOSITE SIDES to create this illusion
  • However, this must be done carefully, since having too many mirrors is NOT for everyone
  • Instead, you can have shiny surfaces, tiles, cabinets, or shelves try having shiny cabinets, shelves, vanities, or countertops
  • A shiny surface has a reflective surface which gives the same effect of more visual space

3. Lighting, Colour, and space-enhancing decor tips

Small Indian bathroom design ideas Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger |

[Source- https://www.architecturaldigest.com/]

  • Lighting can help make the room feel bigger
  • You can use both reflective lighting, as well as natural lighting to maximize visual space
  • Having a window and natural sunlight inside your bathroom also gives an open and airy feeling. So, it’s good to choose a home with a bathroom getting direct sunlight
Small Indian bathroom design

[Source- https://justinplace.com.au/ ]

  • Else, you need to go for artificial electrical lighting that’s strong and bright
  • ‘Recessed lighting’ helps in tiny bathrooms. Recessed lights (downlights/can light) are lighting fixtures installed into the ceiling or wall. They are designed to sit inside the wall or ceiling with electrical components hidden. They give a polished finish, and only the bulb glows from within the opening
  • It is advisable not to use too much decorative lighting as too many light fixtures make the bathroom feel stuffy and smaller
  • Suspended lights must NOT be used
  • Using hiddenly recessed or cove lighting designs is best as they look subtle, simple, and unobtrusive
  • So far as colors are concerned, going with a SINGLE COLOUR (monochrome) increases the visual space of a tiny bathroom
Paint Color Ideas for a Small Bathroom| Small Indian bathroom design ideas

[Source- https://www.thespruce.com/ ]

  • At best, you can use TWO SHADES OF THE SAME COLOUR if you want some variety in colors
  • Using neutral and soft color schemes is best for a small bathroom as it gives the illusion of more space and brightness
  • Lighter colors of all the materials used in the bathroom give a feeling of more cleanliness and greater spaciousness
  • Dark colors can make the bathroom look even smaller
Small Indian bathroom design ideas to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

[Source- https://www.architecturaldigest.com/]

  • Bold colors can be used only in small splashes. Better to use accessories and decorations in the bathroom alone
  • Walls or floors could be bold, but it is better to make the GLOSSY so that ‘reflective lighting’ remains intact
  • If you want to go a bit bold, you can use a darker color on your ceiling. This plays the trick of anyone using the bathroom looking at the ceiling. By looking at the ceiling, the eyes are taken off from the small bathroom
  • Similarly, you can use a decoration item or an accessory to become the focal point of your small bathroom, and the eyes are glued to this focal point
  • For example, you can use an unobtrusive yet appealing item like a light fixture, mirror, sculpture, painting, or plant to create a focal point (a good distraction)


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