Small apartment storage ideas

8 Small apartment storage ideas – To keep your home in India functional yet incredibly beautiful!

Indian home buyers are increasingly desiring to remain ‘minimalistic’ when it comes to decorating their home! By minimalist we mean those who seek a simple and uncluttered lifestyle.

This is because of two reasons- 1) ‘space’ (square foot area) comes at a premium i.e. with smaller homes you need to achieve more out of existing spaces, and 2) with high information-exposure to ways of ‘highly functional’ home is inspiring space-utilisation to the fullest!

In the post COVID era, home buyers are inclined to use available SPACE at home to cater to the needs of all family members.

A minimalist home décor means lesser items in the home will end up releasing MORE SPACE!

With a minimalistic approach to keeping your home, you end up creating a warm and welcoming interior.

Small apartment storage ideas

The Key Elements of minimalist home decor are

1. Functional Furniture to create space

Functional Furniture to create space.|Small apartment storage ideas

[Source- https://cozyer.com.au/ ]

Functional Furniture to create space | Small apartment storage ideas

[Source- https://www.pinterest.com.au/ ]

  • Furniture to be multi-purpose
  • 2 in 1 furniture serves storage purpose as well
  • Minimalistic furniture is easy to stack and fold as well
  • Furniture must be practised and put to use
  • If a certain piece of furniture is NOT being used by anyone, then it should be stackable (easy to store)
  • Nesting tables and chairs are great for saving space
  • Storage in your furniture must help you hide the clutter in your home
  • Storage ottomans, beds with trundles (roller with bed under a bed), sofa-cum-bed, storage benches, and cabinets/consoles with drawers and cabinets

2. Uncluttered surfaces and walkways at home

Uncluttered surfaces and walkways at home | Small apartment storage ideas

[Source: Small apartment storage ideas https://www.pinterest.com.au/ ]

  • Flat and uncluttered surfaces help you stay minimalistic
  • Furniture with clean lines and not too complicated designs are easy on the eyes and look elegant/soothing too

3. Less is better approach

  • Less is better because LESSER FURNITURE or less of everything in your home will make your rooms SEEM BIGGER
  • Plus, you can focus on lesser items that are high on quality
  • For instance, a big king size bed in a small bedroom, and NOT too many chairs etc. makes the room seem bigger
  • Less items in your rooms means less clutter

4. Neutral and soothing/pastel colours

Neutral and soothing/pastel colours | Small apartment storage ideas

[Source- https://roohome.com/ ]

Decorate With Pastel Colors | Small apartment storage ideas

[Source- https://www.decoist.com/]

  • Too many colours in the house make it disturbing, so it is good to stick to one colour theme in one room
  • Being minimalistic means that you adorn your home walls with softer and neutral colours
  • Neutral colours are refreshing, and give you a sense of calm and elevating mood!
  • White is a great colour to go minimalistic. If you see catalogues of functional furniture companies like Ikea, you will yourself understand the relevance of going WHITE

5. Consciously plan to clear the clutter

  • Make a conscious decision to systematically and periodically eliminate unnecessary items in your home
  • Other Indian households are increasingly adopting DISCARDING ITEMS that are not needed
  • Unless the items in the home are put to use, you don’t need to buy or hoard items unnecessarily
  • Decluttering exercise also needs to be undertaken periodically, and must be practised as a habit
  • You will need to control your impulse buying to stop clutter in your home accumulating over a period of time
  • Having adequate storage is a way to take care of household items

6. Lighting helps create the right ambience

Lighting helps create the right ambience | Small apartment storage ideas

[Source- https://www.clutter.com/]

  • Focus on lighting with adequate natural and electric lighting
  • Bright and warm lights are a must for a comfortable feel
  • Natural light is a blessing, and as a home buyer, go for a home that has ample natural light!
  • Brighten-up darker areas of your home with adequate electric lighting with fixtures and lighting accessories like recessed and ceiling light fixtures among lighting provisions on at least three out of two walls of your home

7. Use a mix of textures and cloth-based woven elements to adorn your rooms

Use a mix of textures and cloth-based woven elements to adorn your rooms | Small apartment storage ideas
  • Boldly experiment with different textures and woven elements
  • The use of materials like seagrass, rattan, sheepskin, velvet, and other fabrics give a personality and sense of spaciousness to a room

8. Exercise restraint while decorating your home

Exercise restraint while decorating your home | Small apartment storage ideas
Interior of modern kid bedroom with bed and shelves with various toys at home
  • Practice restraint while decorating or adding finishing touches or accessories to your home
  • Too many decorative items and accessories can again clutter your home
  • Whether it is a table, horizontal surfaces, or walls, remain miser in adding decorative items
  • Too many decorative items that occupy the floor or walls must get a minimalistic feel

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

– Leonardo da Vinci

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