Check this out to know more about the services offered by the property management companies:

Evaluation of the property to determine rental value

  • Documentation of interior and exterior.
  • Suggestions on repairs and maintenance to improve the rental value
  • Research and gather rental rates for similar properties in your locality.
  • Educate the owners about the pros and cons of accepting different kinds of tenants.

Property Marketing for rent

  • Clean the property internally and externally.
  • Publish ads by utilizing various advertising mediums. 
  • Contact local realtors and easing agents to find a tenant.
  • On call availability for answering the questions of prospective tenants.
  • Availability in person to show the property 
  • Assuring documentation assistance to the tenant.

Tenant Screening and Selection

  • Conduct a background check to verify the identity, criminal history and income of the tenant.

Tenant Move In

  • Confirm the move in date and review the lease or rental guidelines befor signing the agreement.
  • Conduct a move in inspection and prepare a detailed report with tenants signature.
  • Collect the first months rent and security deposit before move in.

Rent collection

  • Collecting monthly rent on time.
  • Follow up on late payments.


  • Legal documentation assistance and advice on legal disputes 
  • Assistance in referring a qualified attorney to the owner if necessary. 


  • Perform regular inspections according to the schedule looking for repairs and maintenance needed all over.
  • Send periodic reports of the inspection to the owner

Maintenance and Repairs

  • Identify the repairs and fix them immediately.
  • Provide a skilled and professional team of workers to resolve the issue
  • Maintain outdoor areas like landscaping, removing trash and leaves.
  • Immediate response to the complaints.
  • Have a cost estimation ready to  fix the issue.

Tenant Move Out

  • Perform an inspection before the move out and prepare a detailed report of the property condition.
  • Inform about the estimated charges to fix the damages caused by the tenant 
  • Take care of the security deposit to be returned to the tenant.
  • Perform required repairs and upgrades to the property.

The above mentioned are some of the major services provided by most of the property management companies in the city.

 It’s always safe and stress free to have someone to take care of the property in our absence.

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