‘Sainikpuri Main Road’ & ‘Hi-Tension Road’ are transforming Sainikpuri into a vibrant locality worth living- a glimpse for 3 BHK home buyers in Hyderabad

‘Sainikpuri Main Road’ & ‘Hi-Tension Road’ are transforming Sainikpuri into a vibrant locality worth living- a glimpse for 3 BHK home buyers in Hyderabad

The main element that makes Sainikpuri Main Road, and Hi Tension road a vibrant commercial hub is the demand of the gentry that has been gradually flocking this area for their dream home.

Clearly, the retailing, commercially oriented community finds all the right reasons to invest in this locality, which holds the promise of an excellent return on investment.

The huge plots of Vayupuri, and the consolidation of smaller plot sizes in both Vayupuri, Defence colony as well as on Hi-Tension road are being done by builders.

No wonder, we witness construction activity behind the veil of blue metallic sheets. The homes are being sold and demolished in favor of huge shopping complexes.

This development of commercial buildings has further fuelled demand for residences in the Sainikpuri-Yapral belt.

This rapid construction activity is turning Sainikpuri’s locality into a high-end shopping hub, especially branded stores, many high-end Café, and eateries. The green cover making Sainikpuri an area where people like to flock to unwind from the grueling traffic woes of the city.

Sainikpuri Main Road

Sainikpuri ‘main road’ is located right between two major residential colonies viz. Sainikpuri AFOCHS (Armed Forces Officers Cooperative Housing Society Ltd.), and Vayupuri (Air Force Officers Co-Op Housing Society Ltd), and feels different from the rest of Hyderabad! You get a cantonment flavor as you enter this area.

Sainikpuri comprises over 200 Acres of land parcel with predominantly retired Army officers’ families living there. The plots range from 600 square yards to approximately 2000 square yards.

Vayupuri consists of over 50 acres and is one of the most systematic, sustainably managed society that’s high on environmental responsibilities.

The Sainikpuri main road is a 1.5-kilometer stretch that starts from the College of Defence Management and stretches up to the BP Petro pump (gas filling station) that leads to A.S Rao Nagar, just short of Poulomi Hospital.

Sainikpuri ‘main road’ gives an extremely welcome feel:

1. The Sainikpuri main road is a lush-green stretch that lies between Sainikpuri from Vayupuri/Defence colony

2. The cantonment-like feel is overwhelming as you enter Sainikpuri main road

3. With excellent ‘connectivity of commute’, and multiple entry/exit points of Sainikpuri ‘main road’ makes it the central ‘axis road’ for all the surrounding colonies

4. The Sainikpuri main has completely transformed over the last two decades, and construction activity is still in progress. The residential homes are rapidly being replaced with commercial/retail shops/stores/showrooms/outlets. You see many huge shops, eateries, bakeries that give a very upscale feel to the Sainikpuri locality

5. The Sainikpuri ‘main road’ has turned into the primary connecting road connecting residents from various colonies in the vicinity providing easy access to this fast-developing shopping hub

Hi-Tension Line Road

The Hi Tension Line Road or the informally called ‘double road’, located in Sainikpuri runs parallel to ‘Sainikpuri main road’ towards the Yapral side. The Hi Tension Road owes its name to the tall Hi-Tension power lines that run across this road.

The Hi Tension Road stretches between Saket main road (near Radhika Multiplex) and Hislop road (the Yapral main road).

Hi Tension Road is fast developing into a preferred commercial/shopping hub:

1. The Hi-Tension Road is much bigger than the Sainikpuri Main road. It runs parallel to Sainikpuri main road and A.S.Rao Nagar main road for 3.6 Kilometers and is 100 feet wide

2. Hi-Tension road is poised to be the main growth hub over the next decade. This is also because Sainikpuri Armed Forces Officers’ Cooperating Society is NOT open to commercial properties coming up in main Sainikpuri. This has worked to the advantage of Hi Tension Road

3. The colonies in Sainikpuri and JJ Nagar Colony post office around Hi Tension Road depend on Hi-Tension road as a preferred shopping hub

4. Retailers and stores choosing Hi-Tension road as a better, cheaper, and more promising alternative to A.S.Rao Nagar main market

5. A market stretch located in the lap of nature giving it a more relaxed and welcoming feel

The locality of Sainikpuri & Yapral is like a tranquilizer to de-stress and to connect with friends and family.

All these elements make for a very attractive proposition for buyers for 3 BHK or bigger home buyers in Secunderabad, Hyderabad.

Seeing is believing! A visit to Sainikpuri itself cast a mesmerizing spell on potential homebuyers who want an urban, yet low-density living.

In a nutshell- home buyers are increasingly looking at Sainikpuri as their abode since the locality offers tranquillity above all else.

To quote James Allen- “The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. The calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.”


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