Hyderabad has always been highly ranked among top cities in various indexes for socio-economic
development in the last few years. The residential market has always been affordable compared to all
other metros in the country. This is true for almost all the metros except Hyderabad.

The real estate market had seen a great expansion in the residential segment with the land prices
shooting up almost five times in the last few years but due to the recent pandemic, the lockdown has
put the real estate sector into a flux.
The residential market has seen 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK houses not including a room for a servant and
could be changed to a 2BHK, 3BHK market. Residents looking for larger spaces would require a quarter
for their servants with different entrances. This will impact the floor plan. Houses with a two, three bedrooms most likely include a study. Developers in the city have not been agreeing to develop studio
flats and single bedroom flats but this trend may change as the market is very much conscious about the
budget so, with a bigger apartment, it would not lead to higher sales and hence is not advisable.
There are pros and cons of gated communities. Most residents would now not go for a gated community
as they like their freedom with a sense of social distancing due to the pandemic. In gated communities,
the 2bhks and 3bhks are small in size.
Developers can creatively come up with plans for the community that can connect the pros of gated
communities with non-gated communities. There has been a shift of residents already in this period.
Gated communities saw a lot of restrictions with further policing.
Presently, residents and construction companies give a high value to space and comfort. 3BHK homes
are built with modern technology and other extra amenities are leading to the rise in 3BHK flats.
Bigger families are supported in owning 3 BHK bedrooms in Hyderabad and owning 3BHK flats in
Hyderabad is pretty affordable compared to other states in India. The resale value for a 3BHK is also
high and is easy to refurbish.
Senior citizens in the city have put their houses on sale and have left communities as they preferred
non-gated communities as the lockdown had affected them the most with travel restrictions. The lack
of access to healthcare, daily grocery, maids, etc has disrupted their lives.
Construction of apartments with 2bhks and 3bhks are expected to be delayed mostly in this year or
could stretch till a year.
The price of cement, labour, steel have also increased in the lockdown and mostly 3BHK flats are better
than 2BHK flats and are wiser to opt for residents.
3BHK homes are located in important places in Hyderabad. Real estate builders are focused on building
capacious flats that give comfort to residents. There is the comfort of staying close to schools, hospitals,
shopping malls, etc. A majority of the builders in Hyderabad provide 3 BHK homes at an affordable
price. Financial providers and banks are ready to provide loans to bigger flats or projects built by well-known real estate organizations.
delivered to the residents.

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