As we have discussed earlier, Yapral is the next hotspot to settle down and start your life at your own home. You might be curious as to the average rates of land or flats in the area.

Please find below the breakdown of the rates of flats:

  • Premium flats: 4200 – 4800 per sft
  • Budget flats : 3500 – 4000 per sft

Anything below the rate should give you a hint of the cost of construction and the materials used. However, if the rate is higher, it would generally be for the amenities the builder is providing. 

When it comes to land, the price usually ranges from:

  • 40000 – 45000 per sq yard in the inner lanes away from the main road
  • 45000 – 50000 per sq yard depending on how close you are to the main road

These numbers stand true as of July 2020 and they might fluctuate based on the current real estate market trend.

Happy home hunting!

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