mistakes to aviod while buying 3 BHK flat

Planning on a 3 BHK flat in Hyderabad? 5 mistakes to avoid!

Hyderabad today offers you a wide range of residential offerings! Majority of the available options come to us in ‘standalone apartment buildings’. Apartments made by bigger builders in ‘gated-community apartment complexes’ spread over acres of land are fewer in comparison, although they definitely offer more amenities.

The advantage a ‘standalone building apartment’ is more space (built-up area) for the same price in low-density, good locations. This is because standalone buildings, unlike huge gated-communities, are built in well-established, low-population residential colonies. The plot sizes of these standalone residential complexes seldom goes beyond 1200 square yards.

Home buyer preferences in post-pandemic scenario

Besides, in a post-pandemic era, the home buyers are looking at ‘relevant’ amenities. Amenities like gymnasium, clubhouse, swimming pool etc. are the first ones to close in a pandemic-like situation. In this case, a standalone building offers you a safer living because only ‘relevant amenities’ like generator (power back-up), elevators, parking etc. are provided. The benefit of NOT having additional amenities results in you getting MORE SPACE inside your home with an apartment in a standalone building.

3 BHK flat

In this article, we strongly recommend choosing a bigger apartment should your budget permits.

This article is meant for those who have the wherewithal to explore a 3 BHK or bigger apartment in the range of Rs 65 lakhs to Rs. 1.3 Crore.

5 mistakes to avoid while buying your 3 BHK flat in Hyderabad

Given below are 5 mistakes that a home buyer must avoid while making a choice of a 3BHK apartment in Hyderabad:

1. Not to explore apartments that are NOT RERA and GHMC approved

  • RERA gives us protection from unscrupulous builders
  • RERA and GHMC approved homes means that the builder is being watched over the construction process, and will have to give timely possession of your home
  • Plus, funds given by you towards are used only for construction purposes
  • This means peace of mind

2. NOT to freeze on ‘location’ and ‘size’ early-on

  • Sometimes, it’s open to be ‘open-minded’ before you make a decision about location and size
  • A location which seems best today, may not meet your changed priorities a few years later
  • Same goes with the location. For example, a location close to main road may be considered a superb location, and you may get a smaller apartment for Rs 70 lakhs in this so-called ‘excellent location’. This location may become more cluttered, noisy and polluted 10 years from today
  • So, think practically & futuristically, and NOT just based on what’s VISIBLE TODAY

3. NOT to ignore your family needs and requirement in terms of ‘carpet area’ & actual ‘available space’

  • A 3 BHK apartment admeasuring 1400 Sft in built-up area will actually give you about 950 sft of ‘carpet area’…and in turn this will mean only about 650-700 sft of ‘available floor space’ for you to walk around
  • The ‘available space’ of your apartment will continue to be reduced over time. Besides, things like beds, kitchen counter-top, refrigerator, dining table, sofas, chairs, tables etc. you will keep buying and adding to your household items
  • This continuous addition to household items reduces the NET-SPACE AVAILABLE
  • This in turn means that while buying your 3 BHK apartment, it is beneficial to err on the side of MORE SPACIOUS APARTMENT…and embrace a superior living experience

4. NOT to be over-obsessed with so-called ‘excellent or good location’

  • Not being over-obsessed means that deliberately choosing an apartment in the interior location. Interior location means about 2-4 Kms away from the main road of the locality you finally choose in Hyderabad
  • For example- 1500 sft vs. 1700 sft
    • You get a 1500 sft apartment in a location that’s 1 Kms from the main road, and for the same money, you get a 1700 sft apartment (of similar specifications)
    • In this case, it may be more sensible to choose the interior location that’s more spacious, and has cleaner air
    • While the social infrastructure around is a little farther away, but the trade-off will surely be worth it!
  • In Sainikpuri-Yapral belt, for instance, the prices per sft based on location are lesser by Rs 200-400 per square foot as you move towards Yapral location (between 2-4 Kms from Sainikpuri main road). These apartments are surrounded by better green-cover, and are far more spacious. Basically, you get MORE SPACE FOR THE SAME MONEY!
  • This applies to almost all localities across Hyderabad

5. Not to compromise on ‘QUALITY’ for want of a ‘good deal on pricing’

  • This is a major mistake that needs to be avoided. It’s almost like a trap, where we get swayed away from choosing a poorly constructed apartment for immediate gains
  • In the garb of getting a good deal, you may end-up getting an inferior apartment
  • This becomes a sour-deal in the future when the entire building starts getting a run-down look, and many problems emerge starting from dampness, chipping, plumbing-issues/leakages, termites etc. Selling them later becomes an impossible task
  • This is where, you need to verify the specifications being offered, the reputation of the builder based on past projects, and the overall construction rigour/standard being followed by the builder
  • There is certainly no point taking an LOW QUALITY INFERIOR APARTMENT even if you are getting it at a discounted price
  • Example- comparing a low-quality offering with a high-quality offering
    • Builder ‘A’ is offering an apartment in an interior location at Rs 3800 per sft. Specifications and construction quality are average
    • Builder ‘B’ is offering an apartment in the same interior location at Rs 4000 per sft. Specifications and construction quality are SUPERIOR, and is known for using high-end materials, accessories, fittings etc.
    • Clearly, you need to have the wisdom to find this difference, and NOT be trapped in the lure of low price
    • Construction elements like soil-testing, termite treatment, sold structural engineering rigour, using high-grade TMT bars/cement etc. are elements that cannot be ignored

So, make the right decision with the right frame of mind, backed by the right level of knowledge, awareness, and decision-criteria. You must balance your family needs as well as the builder you choose based on this deliberate evaluation exercise!

To quote Ehsan Sehgal- “The right decision at the right time upon your choice can make your life like flowers; otherwise, it will be as thorns. The first one you will enjoy and the other one you have to bear.”


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