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5 must-know facts before you pick a 2BHK over a 3 BHK apartments in Hyderabad!

5 ‘must-know’ facts before you pick a 2 bhk over a 3 bhk apartments in Hyderabad!

A good quality home for the middle-class buyers in Hyderabad costs between Rupees 55 lacs to 60 lacs for a 2 bhk apartment, and between 65 lacs to 90 lacs for a 3 bhk unit (between 1400 to 1800 sft). Some of us are in a dilemma on whether or NOT to go for a 3 BHK unit since it costs approximately Rupees 10 to 20 lacs more than the smaller 2 bhk apartment.

A 3 bhk spacious unit turns out to be a wiser and prudent deal although it strains on the pocket initially. The simple logic is that your family and their convenience is surely worth that additional 10 to 20 lac rupees. Of course, subject to your ability to afford it!

Prices of real estate in Hyderabad are still one of the most reasonable in the country. So, before you forego a 3 BHK unit in favor of a 2 BHK, you must STOP for a while and think of a few facts listed below.

5 facts you ‘must-know’ are-

1. A 3 BHK apartments offers more utility, more space, and is a better option for your future needs

  • In a bid to keep the EMI low, home buyers forego SPACE. Space in a post-COVID scenario is more of a NEED rather than a want
  • With children being forced to study at home, earning members working from home, a 2 BHK unit is too small to cater to your needs, provide you with adequate privacy
  • It becomes stifling when 4 or more members of the home are cramped-up in a tiny 1100 or 1200 sft 2 BHK home

2. Stretching paying more for a 3 BHK apartment sooner is wise

  • Taking a loan and getting a home is a good option because, the cost of construction is steadily going up with each passing year
  • Plus, today you can buy a 3 BHK apartment unit at a lesser rate, and after 5 or 6 years, the same 3 BHK unit becomes even more unaffordable compared to today
  • Basically, the cost of construction gets higher as time progresses
  • Buying a 3 BHK goes beyond being just a financial decision
  • Growing children and teenagers at your need more privacy, and quiet space
  • A 3rd bedroom, an additional study cum work-from-home office room will enable all the family members to flourish in their respective tasks
  • Plus, you need to accommodate guests, visitors and even ageing parents. All that is just NOT possible with a 2 BHK unit
3 BHK apartment

3. Extra spaces like balcony, a spacious utility room, an efficient kitchen

  • A 3 BHK apartment gives you more space, at least 3 bathrooms, a ‘much-needed’ utility room/laundry room, and sometimes a puja room
  • Some people are demanding a separate room for health and fitness purposes as well in the apartments
  • With gymnasiums and outdoor activities restricted, you need the fitness and entertainment spaces within the home
  • All this becomes virtually impossible with small 2 BHK

4. A 3 BHK unit is preferred for both rent as well as purchase in a post-pandemic scenario

  • A 3 BHK is preferred for all these reasons. Whether you want to rent out your 3 BHK home or sell it at a later date, the demand as well as returns will be much higher compared to a 2 BHK apartment
  • Plus, the location of your 3 BHK apartment eventually gets better with time
  • This means those seeking your 3 BHK home in Hyderabad for rent as well wanting to buy them will be more in numbers as time progresses

5. Price of construction continue to rise with time, so buying a 3 BHK unit in Hyderabad today is wisdom!

  • Cost of construction prices is going up, and buying a 3 BHK unit today will probably the best decision you shall have taken for yourself and your family
  • Another problem you can avoid is that those who buy a 2 BHK unit after a certain time want to move to a 3 BHK or a bigger unit. This becomes a difficult decision since you may be forced to leave the locality, and your friends in your existing abode

People and social connections matter more than anything else! So, it is better to foresee it, and choose a bigger 3 BHK or bigger unit. Once you make a decision to buy a 2 BHK, small unit, there is NO WAY that you can add space later on. Even a 3 BHK unit starts shrinking when people move in. You buy things for your family members, and the apartment just continues to shrink with furniture, household items, etc.

Simply put, if you can stretch your budget, and go for a 3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad, then it may well be the best choice you shall have made for your family members!

To quote Candace Cameron Bure- “The memories we make with our family is everything.”


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