‘Owning the entire residential floor’ positively impacts well-being – 10 compelling reasons for 3 BHK homebuyers in Hyderabad

‘Owning the entire residential floor’ positively impacts well-being – 10 compelling reasons for 3 BHK homebuyers in Hyderabad

Owning the entire residential floor is possible with standalone buildings constructed over small plot sizes measuring between 400 square yards to 600 yards in well-established residential colonies in Hyderabad.

Owning the entire residential floor means that you do not have neighbours on your floor. The moment you exit the elevator and step into the corridor of your floor, the entire floor is occupied only by ONE FAMILY- YOURS!

Plus, with builders offering the best of luxuries in this type of residence, the concept of ‘one apartment per floor’ is now being viewed as a PREMIUM segment. These include elevator access, power back-up, ground-floor exclusive parking, high-end specifications that go into the making of the apartment.

In a city like Hyderabad, the ‘per square foot’ prices are location specific for both REGULAR apartments and the PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE-FLOOR-OWNERSHIP apartments.

  • For instance, in localities like Sainikpuri and Yapral, those whose budgets is limited to Rs 60-90 lacs opt for regular apartments with 2-3-4 or more apartments on a single floor plate. These are being offered at a price range of Rs 4000 to 5000 per sft
  • In Sainikpuri & Yapral, home-buyers with a comfortable budget of Rs 1.3 to 1.7 Crore only get to own a PREMIUM exclusive floor at a per sft price range of Rs 5500 to Rs 7000 per sft

These ‘One apartment per floor’ residences are open on all sides, and offer abundant natural light and cross-ventilation. This makes them perfect for principles of Vastu to come into play without a hitch.

What do we mean by ‘WELL-BEING’?

Well-being is all about judging life positively and feeling good.  It also means feeling very healthy and full of energy which is critical to overall joy and happiness.

Well-being is optimum when you are able to connect with people, you are physically active, and are mindful of ‘living in the present moment’.

Well-being is the natural outcome of many factors that work together in harmony when it comes to buying a home

  • When you home is actually spacious, and not suffocating
  • The surroundings are positive with your family and a set of neighbours
  • Tranquil, pollution-free, noise-free environment
  • Positivity, love and care showered by family
  • Adequate privacy (your own space) for elders as well as children in the house
  • A place where everyone is comfortable with their surroundings!

With a spacious home where you owning the entire residential floor, the ideal setting is created for all the elements to work harmoniously in creating WELL-BEING for the entire family!

Can a spacious ‘one apartment, per floor’ residence set the stage for a better well-being of your entire family?

The answer is a BIG YES! With positive environments, and factors working in your favour, the well-being of all your family members is a natural outcome!

Let’s understand this with the help of a floor plan of an exclusive floor in Sainikpuri (Only ONE apartment on ONE floor).

Owning the entire residential floor

[Source- Tamanna Lakeview apartment plan]

Given above is a floor plan admeasuring 2300 square feet.

10 reasons why ‘Owning the entire residential floor’ is better for the well-being of the family.

1. Scientific and positive effects of Vastu– natural light and air-ventilation benefits to well-being

2. Exclusive and sprawling corridor as you step out of the elevator (lift) gives added space to stroll, exercise, and play

3. Getting soaked in real ‘spaciousness’ with inter-connected living, dining, and kitchen area that makes for excellent convertible spaces for various physical and intellectual activities. Adequate storage space that allows you more floor space as years go by. This gives you mental and physical respite for years to come

4. All the toilets opening to the outside open areas, i.e. no common walls. This provides a healthy and much-needed exitvent to bad odor. Natural light flows in uninterruptedly stopping the infestation of bacteria/microbes. The luxury of a functional laundry room further adds to a clutter-free and healthy living experience for the family

5. Balconies that open to the sky, offering direct access to fresh air during summer, winter, and rainy season. Unrestricted views of the greenery and landscapes of the skyline

6. In the floor plan above, you have only ‘5 floors and 5 families’. This means less crowd in both elevators and stairs which secures well-being. Social distancing norms are adequately met, security is further accentuated. Lesser visitors frequent your standalone building complex comprising of only 5 exclusive floors

7. All bedrooms and kitchen are spacious as well as open to the sky with windows which is possible only with ‘independent floor apartments’

8. You are saved from noise and nuisance from immediate neighbors on the same floor. You can live free, and make some noise without worrying about your next-door neighbors

9. Having only 5 families occupying the premium independent floor means, the gentry is usually from a discerning background and similar financial status

10. Spacious bedrooms that allow for work-from-home and study-from-home flexibilities, and also allow you to indulge in noisy activities like watching television, playing indoor games, exercise, loud talk, free expression without being scared of being overheard by neighbours, etc.

With these positives that come with owning an ‘independent floor apartment’, the recipe of the family’s well-being falls in place automatically!


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