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An open kitchen signifies a modern home inspired by new age living. Besides an informal lifestyle, more space and increased social connect, it allows better traffic flow in the house.

Open kitchen design for new age home buyers

You experience a sense of freedom and expression with an open kitchen.

Many people want their open kitchen to tell the story of a refreshing lifestyle and their new-age persona.

On utility perspective as well, an open kitchen integrates well with the rest of the home. With lesser walls and more open space, you can showcase your kitchen in a refreshingly attractive way.

In this article we will embark on a journey to discussing ideas and designs of an open kitchen.

Open kitchen ideas covered in this article are…

Why should we think so much about open kitchen ideas?

1. Using wooden cabinets

2. Use of glass partition

3. Pastel colour open kitchen

4. White theme open kitchen

5. L shaped angular counter layout

6. Possible to beautify the spaces

7. Small/designed tiles on the walls

8. Use of natural stones and granites on counters

9. Go bold with prints on lamination and tiles

10. Use of high end designer kitchen counters

11. Open kitchen island

Let’s begin …
Why should we think so much about open kitchen design ideas?

The simple reason is- ‘it is open’ and ‘it is visible’ to anyone who enters your home besides yourself.

Then comes your preference– how attractive, inviting or different do you want it too look? ….and to what extent?

That’s where the design elements of an open kitchen come into play. One has to simply choose the design and flavour one wants to experience. It can be a very personal thing, or one can be audacious about showcasing as well.

There is no harm feeling good about your spaces, flaunting them or even making your visitors green with envy!

We see the western movies all the time where kitchen and dining room seem merged. The open kitchen flows seamlessly into the living (drawing) room and vice versa.

The look and feel is extremely mesmerising, especially when the open kitchen is well organised.

So, it’s good if we give a serious thought to our open kitchen design, let it tell our story, and reflect our persona.

You could have the colours, the accessories, and the design elements speak a lot about what you are. The designs could range from very simplistic to being very artistic.

The flavour your open kitchen carries spills over to the rest of your house. In the following sections, ideas of open kitchen are being shared with an intent to stir-up your thoughts.

The objective is not to push you towards any one design, but to show you the immense possibilities that exist out there when it comes to having a beautiful open kitchen.

The ideas given below are just indicative in nature, and are meant to help you decide what your design element should be!



1. Using wooden cabinets

  • This is about being one with nature. You open the doors to your home, and you see, touch and experience wood all around you in your open kitchen
  • Wood is Earthen. It invites and adsorbs you like nothing else
  • Plus, wood comes in so many colours and grains. You can choose which tree works for you, and which colour would appeal to your sense the most
  • Cabinets are where you store all your kitchen utensils, cooking materials, raw materials, cutlery, cookware etc. They are most visible, and a natural wood seems magical for few


12 Kitchens That Wow With Wood Cabinets

[source: http://bit.ly/3tWPCM3]



2. Use of glass partition

  • Glass partitions in open kitchen give you a touch of class, creating a bit of privacy, and yet keep you connected
  • Used properly, glass partitions can create a beautiful effect that balances privacy with glamour at the same time
  • Glass partitions can also add a glam element to your kitchen besides helping you gets areas cordoned-off from being moved-freely by visitors or family-members
  • Glass partitions give you access to light, and block free flow of air ventilation. At times this could be used beautifully to balance the two and give you exactly what you want
  • You can use glass partitions in your open kitchen depending on your aspirations

Kitchen Glass Partition Wall | TC&D Construction

[Source – http://bit.ly/3vP3B8o]


3. Pastel colour open kitchen

  • Open kitchen gets adequate sunlight, and there is a sense of spaciousness
  • To add to spaciousness, use of pastel shades of cabinets, counter tops, accessories, walls etc. helps
  • It can even be complete white or shades of white to give you a sense of more space
  • Colours when bright tend to reduce the space element of your open kitchen

pale green kitchen
Kitchen, dining room and folding doors opening to garden Holloways of Ludlow Bespoke Kitchens & Cabinetry Modern kitchen Wood White

[Source: http://bit.ly/3tIIGlh]



4. White theme open kitchen

  • There is nothing more soothing than shades of white when it comes to an inviting open kitchen
  • The hues of whites also run in dozens, and these can be balanced to create the mesmerising elegance you’ve always wanted
  • White appears spotless, and gives you a sense of purity and calm that is ideal in your open kitchen space


[source: https://bit.ly/317kRHC]



5. L shaped angular counter layout

  • L-shaped counter layout gives you the ‘work triangle’ ideal for efficient working in the kitchen
  • An open kitchen with this conventional design looks complete in every sense, and is high in utility
  • With everything within easy reach, you are able to accomplish you kitchen chores effectively, and also multi-task with either an island top behind the L-shaped counter or a breakfast table just on the other side

homify Modern kitchen

[Source: https://bit.ly/313pnHj]



6. Possible to beautify the spaces

  • It is much easier to beautify the spaces around an open kitchen, since you know it’s visible to all
  • An aesthetic appeal to kitchenware, appliances, cabinets and other elements can be created with the help of lighting, use of walls, decorating the areas around the kitchen, or by having beautifully design elements that look stunning from the dining or living room
  • All this possible because an open kitchen is visible from a distance. Thus, the aesthetics can be accentuated due to the holistic view that the viewers on the other side of the room can get
  • Dishes can act as décor to give it an altogether new meaning
  • Curios, pictures, frames, pendant lamps and other decorative items can enhance the beauty of an open kitchen to unimaginable levels
  • Paint can give the added elegance to the open kitchen
  • Tiles, stones and kitchen accessories can add the elegance, glam or whatever mood you are looking at
  • You can even invest in appliances like a beautiful refrigerator or a cooking range while looks gorgeous from a distance
  • The complete picture of an open kitchen can be fully realized from a distance while sitting in the living or dining or upon simply entering the home
  • The dining table, chairs or other furniture also can completely transform the open kitchen into a splendid viewing delight


[source: https://bit.ly/2OPqCr8]

White, Furniture, Room, Property, Interior design, Table, Floor, Dining room, Ceiling, Building,

[Source: https://bit.ly/3raSbs3]



7. Small/designed tiles on the walls

  • Use of small, designer tiles can cast a spell in your open kitchen design to reflect your persona
  • This can range from Moroccan to Goan tiles, or can be any other element or art
  • Small tiles could be as small as cubicle blocks of 1 inch or bigger size. Some people like the brick designs, others prefer floral or lifestyle related images
  • The creativity in design, shape, colour and texture of tiles can be far reaching
  • It could be Mediterranean inspired cobalt blues or even floral patterns that are refreshingly inspiring and intriguing
  • The advantage with an open kitchen again is that you can appreciate the beauty of it from a distance
  • Your kitchen can actually transform into a work of art when the design elements are synchronized with your thought process to reflect your taste, preferences and personahttps://images.livspace-cdn.com/plain/https:/jumanji.livspace-cdn.com/magazine/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2020/12/31103057/Cover-3-3.png


[source: https://bit.ly/2OVmDJw]


[Source: https://bit.ly/3lETjCV]



8. Use of natural stones and granites on counters

  • Natural stones are available in many varieties be it marble, stones, granites or other natural elements
  • Granite offers you durability & brightness. Marble is heat resistant. Quartzite countertops are known for their hardness
  • Similarly, there are various options in colours and textures with specific characteristics. You can choose whichever goes with your preference

Marble countertop for kitchens

[source: https://bit.ly/2QtV2Q5]

Quartzite countertop

[source: https://bit.ly/3cbQV3E]



9. Go bold with prints on lamination and tiles

  • There are others who like to bend the rules, or want to stand out as being different. If you are one of them, you could choose to have tiles and prints in lamination sheets (in cabinets) or tiles (in walls)
  • Bold colours could be plain or with designs that reflect your liking
  • The mood you want to create for yourself can be done with both laminates used on cabinets, cupboards etc…or with tiles used for dado in the open kitchen
  • Bold is beautiful, and reflects the energy you exude. It add life to the surroundings of your home
  • One can even go with dimensional tiles with a 3-D effect and a welcoming sight

Ombre Hexagon Backsplash

Ombre Hexagon Backsplash

Ombre Hexagon Backsplash


[source: https://bit.ly/315y4kj]

high gloss kitchen designs

[source: https://bit.ly/392zmkm]

charming vibe

[source: https://bit.ly/3d0G7od]



10. Use of high end designer kitchen counters

  • One can enhance the look of the open kitchen with show stopper counter tops that are simply hard to ignore
  • This could be done using exotic materials singularly or in combination
  • Some examples are: i) a mix of Quartzite countertop merged with walnut wood, ii) Staturio or Calacatta marble, iii) countertops made from semi-precious stone like pure white quartz, iv) Brazilian Blue stone, v) Red ironbark timber and many more
  • The options are plenty depending on what kind of look and feel one is willing to go for


[Source: https://bit.ly/394E15c]


[source: https://bit.ly/3tGQ0xW]



11. Open kitchen design Island

  • Open kitchen islands can be an integral part of your kitchen and add the elan that’s hard to ignore
  • Plus, they offer utility and chic look like nothing else. It gets the most attention as you enter the home
  • A kitchen island is the real star of your home. These are used for cooking preparations, for casual dining storage, and are truly the focus area of the open kitchen
  • It is also the area where most of the muti-tasking happens, be it for you or family. One could work, and also have children completing their homework sitting on the island counter of your open kitchen
  • It gives you the ideal space to socialize, have a meal and work, have your morning coffee or grab a breakfast bite
  • You could even convert it into your own personal bar in the evenings by just adding a few stools to sit
  • You could use the island as a water-tap area to wash. The simple look of a tap in the middle of an island looks stunning and soothing to the eye
  • You could add mirrored texture to your island or even create an old country charms of a barn while designing the island
  • In a nutshell, there is a lot of creativity that’s possible with an Island, and it looks stunningly beautiful and makes your open kitchen design truly desirable

Ray Booth kitchen.

[source: https://bit.ly/3dbpeav]

64 Stunning Kitchen Island Ideas

[source: https://bit.ly/2QuQfxO]

Nate Berkus kitchen.

[source: https://bit.ly/317lMry]

Tom Brady kitchen.

[Source: https://bit.ly/3lBEhxV]


An open kitchen is for those who want a departure from the usual. It is for those stand for change, experimentation, lifestyle, and transformation.

The possibilities with open kitchen designs are endless, and you can truly enhance your personal space by choosing the right element in your own personal space.

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