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5 NO-COMPROMISE elements of your new 3 BHK flat in Hyderabad!

Should your home continue to be the same traditional design to accommodate all your family members, or should be looking for something more! Clearly, with change in lifestyle since March 2020 has put demands on what we can NOT afford to compromise on.

These 5 elements are far more important in a post-COVID era than they were ever before.

Hence, you cannot compromise on them while looking at the design of your new 3 BHK flat in Hyderabad, or elsewhere. Clearly, a new 3 BHK flat is a need to the day to give you more space at home, simply because you surely going to spend considerable time at home as against what you did in 2019 and earlier!

1. Avoid compromising on SPACE, SUNLIGHT & VENTILATION- ‘Offices and schools’ have literally become HOME-BASED now!

  • Available space to walk around in your home matters now
  • While you do so, you need natural light penetrating all around you, and fresh air removing stagnant air effectively
  • This way, you can remain healthy. After all, you cannot be living in an air-conditioned environment throughout the day
  • Work-from-home and study-from-home (online) is the order of the day
  • Space, sunlight and ventilation is a must-have in your apartment to lead an efficient and effective life
  • Home is no longer just a place where you come home to retire in the evening
  • Homes are now doubling-up as a place of work, study
  • The newer designs need to cater to this need

2. No compromise on having an inviting and more efficient design of all your rooms

  • With more time spent at home, you need more efficient kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms
  • Open kitchen provides for a superior social connect, and allows you to multi-task as well
  • With work from home, and study-from-home, the kitchen has to perform the functions of the office pantry, cafeteria, as well as the school canteen

3. No compromise on the extent of privacy your rooms offer

  • Now, with lunch being eaten at home, the children also being at home, you need a bit additional ‘me time’ for yourself
  • Same goes for the children. They need to study, attend classes, and move in closed confines of the home
  • Hence, the need for more spacious and efficient designs that not only offer better privacy, but can also keep noise away

4. Do NOT compromise on energy-efficient electrical appliances and gadgets

  • Being at home means that your air-conditioners, lighting equipment, television, refrigerator, cooking ranges, ovens, laptops etc. will continue to consume more electricity
  • Hence, you cannot compromise on the efficiency measures of these, and have to make sure that you are provided with electricity saving devices
  • Even the designs of floor plan should be right to give you necessary ports of electricity points
  • Home automation is another option to keep electrical points not in use switched-off

5. No compromise on health, balconies, entertainment and common spaces like elevators in new 3 BHK flat

  • With gymnasiums and outdoor exercise options out of question, one needs more space for multiple facilities like health, entertainment and relaxation
  • Multi-tasking capabilities of the rooms needs to be enhanced
  • Furniture automation options can be explored
  • Bigger 3 bedroom apartments (upwards of 1600 sft) can give you more space for all your family needs
  • Common areas like elevators, stairs, security system to be made spacious and as contactless as possible
  • Touch-free sanitary, bath and kitchen fittings help in this scenario

Builders who are cognisant of these ‘no compromise’ factors will be able to attract homebuyers in Hyderabad. The I.T. hub of the country, Hyderabad is all geared for higher-order demands on the real estate builders.


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