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7 tips to get more SPACE out of your already big 3BHK apartment!

In a city like Hyderabad, with a budget of Rs 1 crore to Rs 1.5 crore, you can actually buy a bigger 3BHK home that’s more than 2000 sft. With a big 3BHK, you can actually create an added sense of SPACIOUSNESS.

In Hyderabad, options for a 2000 plus sft home includes gated-community apartment, standalone building apartment or even a standalone building ‘exclusive independent-floor’!

A spacious home adds to the joy and comfort for the family in the long run. After staying in rented small apartments closer to our workplace, once it comes to buying a home, we can always choose a bigger home. This helps factor in the future demands of a growing family.

more space

Plus, once you have bought a reasonably more space for 3BHK, there are some additional ways to enhance and maximize a SENSE of SPACIOUSNESS.

In this article, we shall discuss a few tips and tricks to make this happen by readjusting lighting, choosing the wall-colours, use of the right kind of furniture, home automation, and other home accessories. All these will help make your rooms seem much more airy and spacious than they actually may be!

More Space saving alterations help uplift your mood. Plus, they create a positive and enriching living environment that add to overall emotional well-being.

1. Having adequate storage

  • The key is be organized with a conscious effort to de-clutter. This adds more space to your home
  • Furniture and interiors with built-storage spaces helps e.g. storage beds, closets in laundry room etc. Furniture should double-up as a storage more space-maker to store usual and seasonal households items like winter-wear, monsoon-wear, spring-wear, summer-wear, and other dresses meant for special purposes and occasions
  • Overhead cabinets are a great way to utilize every square-inch of space, so that even with a growing-family, you never run out of STORAGE SPACE as the years go by
  • Even free-space under the staircase can be cross-utilized by installing storage racks or cabinets
  • Getting rid of the habit of ‘storing and stacking’ non-useful items, and consciously getting rid of them periodically helps

2. Sense of spaciousness and aesthetics in arranging furniture

  • The right display of furniture can also make a huge difference in giving a spacious, de-cluttered look to your rooms
  • Rearrangements that are visually less space-occupying, and non-obstructing can transform your home
  • Excessive furniture must NOT be bought. If it exists, and occupies more square-foot areas than it should, then replacing or getting rid of them needs to be a deliberate decision
  • It is a good idea to engage your family members to decide whether or not a piece of furniture should be kept or discarded. This can be fun as well as a stress-relieving exercise, especially, when you see the results of MORE SPACE as you see your home feeling lighter and more energetic!
  • Over-accumulation of furniture over the years adds to the clutter, and shrinks our home
  • Getting an interior designer to ask for the kind of furniture and the extent thereof is a great way to keep your home spaces less-stifling on spaciousness!
  • A less crowded and well-organized home is indeed a sheer joy for the family

3. Using mirrors to create a sense of spaciousness

  • Mirrors do wonders in making your home look bigger than it actually is
  • The optical illusion of spaciousness is used by interior designers to provide the visual relief in a very creative way!
  • Besides, mirrors reflect light, and this brightness adds to the sense of spaciousness
  • Imagine placing a mirror next to a window or balcony with a great view, and the replica of the view through the mirror brings in the exterior elements inside the room

4. Painting walls with pastel shades with neutral hues

  • Lighter colours give a bigger and taller feel to the spaces
  • Even rooms that receive less light, seem more brightly-lit with the right hues on the walls, complemented with good lighting
  • This is why it helps to avoid warm or dark shades like orange or red that make the spaces seem cramped-up
  • Darker shades on the walls, or even in the interiors make the object closer and more claustrophobic

5. Spacious and functional open-kitchen, with open-shelves

  • A spacious and functional kitchen no only helps you feel positively energized, but are great for the right spirits to cook food
  • Open shelves instead of closed cabinets fee-up lot of space, and make the kitchen environment free and far more spacious
  • Besides, with open shelves, you can showcase your beautiful utensils and artefacts
  • Modular kitchen cabinets can be minimalistic
  • You can create space-saving partitions with light coloured table-top
  • Even the countertop could be that of lighter hues to give a sense of spaciousness with the light it reflects

6. Using lighting to make spaces well lit-up and more spacious

  • While nothing compares with natural light flowing into your room, electrical lighting comes to rescue in darker areas, and also at night to give you a spacious feel where required
  • There is nothing better than keeping windows open during daytime
  • Light-coloured curtains add to the magic in making your rooms seem far more spacious than they are. With less intricate designs, the sense of space is actually accentuated
  • A brightly well-lit room makes a room seem much larger
  • Recessed lighting and track lighting in rooms helps the cause of spaciousness. They make the walls look much larger than they actually are
  • Lights along the ceiling as well as track lights help in highlighting the room
  • Avoiding floor lamps and table lamps in smaller rooms helps release more spaciousness in smaller rooms

7. Curtain tricks to make a room look spacious

  • Higher the curtain rod, the taller the window appears. A curtain rod mounted close to the ceiling, and away from the window frames gives a sense of spaciousness
  • Floor-length panels create an illusion of height for anyone entering a room
  • A curtain rod wider than the window’s width make the room look large by making the window seem large
  • Hanging curtains 4 to 6 inches above a window frame in rooms helps
  • Lightweight curtains, vertical prints and lighter shades makes the space look taller than it actually is
  • Excessively colourful prints, horizontal patterns and floral prints make the room look much smaller

With a large 3 BHK over 2000 sft, these smart tips are sure to help your home look even more palatial, much to the delight of the family members!!

After all, cramped-up surroundings adversely affects quality of life, besides upsetting emotional well-being!

To quote Vivek Murthy- “Emotional well-being is more than the absence of a mental illness. It’s that resource within each of us which allows us to reach ever closer to our full potential, and which also enables us to be resilient in the face of adversity.”


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