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What goes into making your home- a checklist for 3 BHK apartment of a standalone building in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, we have many builders offering apartments made in small plots measuring between 400 square yards to 1500 square yards. These are standalone buildings with a small cluster of apartments in a low-density locality. Usually, these apartments are built in well-established residential colonies, and due to their location advantage, builders make standalone 5-storey buildings. With a decent price, a home buyer in Hyderabad gets to live in a good locality that is plush with excellent social infrastructure and connectivity to the rest of the city.

While the offerings are many, a home buyer in Hyderabad needs to know what to look for while evaluating the ‘specifications’. This article is a guide into those INTRINSIC FACTORS which go into the making of your dream home.

Why is it important to pay attention to what goes in the making of your 3 BHK apartment?

  • Besides legal safety, a home buyer needs to be pay attention to the specifications that go in the making of an apartment
  • This way, the buyer won’t be vulnerable to misleading ‘low priced’, low-quality deals on buying their dream home
  • Also, a buyer can identify builders who offer unbelievably low-priced deals at the cost of compromising on the BUILD QUALITY as well as SPECIFICATIONS that make your dream home safe, sturdy and beautiful for a long time to come
  • When you question the specifications, you automatically realize what makes a building sturdy
  • Knowing about BUILD QUALITY helps you buy an apartment that is strong in the face od adversity. A SOLID BUILD is a must to handle natural calamities, and umpteen threats that thwart the building’s structure
  • This means that as a home buyer you need to have some BASIC IDEA about the various QUALITY and GRADES of materials available in the market that go into making your home
3 BHK apartment
  • Another CRITICAL ELEMENT is the pre-construction rigour which ensures that the health of the building is NOT compromised. A strong and sturdy building alone can withstand natural calamities, and fight threats like soil-related issues, termites, electrical issues, dampness, plumbing issues, cracking/chipping of walls, a deteriorating look, corrosion of the structure etc.
  • So, being knowledgeable prevents you from buying a low quality building, and also keep your family safe for decades to come

Simply put, as a home buyer you need to know ‘what to expect’, ‘what to accept’ and ‘what to reject’!

What happens if a low quality, low-priced building is booked by innocent home buyers?

  • Many a times, builders & developers use a ‘give bare minimum’ formula, and cut corners on critical construction-related specifications & standard-operating-procedures
  • Such builders force-fit the budget of the customers, and give them what they want by making huge compromises in the QUALITY OF SPECIFICATIONS being used
  • This is a dangerous trade-off! The builder obviously will never compromise on one’s own financial interests
  • The result- an innocent and ignorant home buyer ends up buying a low-grade home that does NOT stand test of time!
  • Heavy make-up on the exterior, and POOR quality on the interior is very common these days
  • Builders try to sell their inventory of apartments by glamourizing the EXTERIORS. For instance, having classy external finish, and lip-=service adherence to legal requirements

A home buyer must know about the factors that determine the health of their building as decades go by.

This can happen with the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE, and ASKING THE BUILDER ABOUT what goes into the making of their dream home!

Checklist of specifications that go into the making of a STRONG, STURDY BUILDING

  1. Pre-construction rigour: Critical decisions based on Soil testing. The type of foundation, and the materials used are determined by SOIL TESTING. Look out for a report, and ask what kind of decisions were made basis the report
  2. Extremely high focus on Anti-termite treatment upto plinth level. This ensure that after 2 or 3 decades your wooden furniture is NOT eaten up these white ants, and your health is NOT compromised at any stage
  3. TMT bars like FE 500d quality steel. Quality TMT bars add strength to your building e.g. SRMB, TATA Tiscon, Vizag, JSW
  4. Branded high-grade Cement. Compromise in cement is anyone’s guess. Some good quality brands are Ultratech, Shree Ambuja, ACC
  5. Main door frame & sheet of teakwood or high quality boards
  6. UPVC windows of reputed make to make sure it remains smooth over the years
  7. Weatherproof exterior emulsion to ensure that the look of the building remains refreshing and youthful for a long time to come
  8. Fire-retardant concealed copper wiring. This ensures both safety and efficient use of electricity. e.g. Havells, Finolex, KEI
  9. Distribution boards and MCBs. Good quality of these electrical elements are again important for efficient distribution of electricity to every nook and corner of your home e.g. Anchor, Havells, Finolex, Schneider
  10. Vitrified tiles of reputed make will ensure that they remain sparkling clean and do not fade away with time
  11. Anti-skid and Acid resistant tiles in bath & washroom ensures safety and aesthetics
  12. High quality CP & Sanitary fittings again give you an uber experience while using your washroom e.g. Parryware, Hindware, Jaquar, Roca
  13. Branded lifts & elevators are critical for the safety of all residents. This cannot be compromise in this under any circumstances e.g. Mitsubishi, Otis, Kone, Johnson, Schindler
  14. Acoustic enclosed DG generators for a smooth experience e.g. Kirloskar, Mahindra, Mitsubishi

To quote Israelmore Ayivor- “Knowledge is Power, Power provides Information; Information leads to Education, Education breeds Wisdom; Wisdom is Liberation. People are not liberated because of lack of knowledge.”


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