Modular kitchens make life easy. It’s one of the ways to make perfect use of your kitchen. The longevity of the modular kitchen can be defined as the quality of material used for different parts of the modular kitchen. Maintenance of the modular kitchen is also very important.

a few tips for maintaining your modular kitchen:

Drawers of the Kitchen: 

The design for modular kitchens for small-sized kitchens are highly dependant on the size of the drawers. Usually, the drawers can bear weight up to 70 kgs. This does not mean that you can put up additional weight. The fittings might become loose if we put excess weight on the drawers. Avoid leaning and putting excess weight on the drawers to keep the fittings intact.

Water area of the kitchen:

Water area maintenance is the most important as it can spoil the whole look and cause a lot of damage to your modular kitchen. You may opt for the latest modular kitchen designs but the look can get affected in just a few days if the water area is not maintained properly.

To avoid the rotting of the material due to the leakage of water there are some aluminium covered panels in the sink areas. If water is flowing continuously then the naturally best materials can rot. Hence it is very important to ensure there is no leakage in the sink area.

Panels of the modular kitchen: 

To improve the life of your modular kitchen, avoid putting weight on the panels. The hinges of the panels will get damaged if you put the weight of your body on the panels. The best companies will always make use of the best quality material and panels in making modular kitchens. 

Clean the filters of the chimney:

Kitchen exhaust hood isolated on white. 3d illustration

The modular designed chimney is an essential part of the kitchen irrespective of the size of the kitchen. It helps to throw the smoke, air that has grease. It helps in reducing pollution and helps people in the kitchen to breathe without any suffocation. The chimney requires regular maintenance to function properly. One of the most important things to do is cleaning the filter of the chimney. The suction capacity of the chimney gets affected due to the grease, dust and smoke getting stuck in the filters of the chimney. Therefore, ensure that you clean the filters regularly.

Proper inspection of the kitchen has to be done before going for the modular kitchen. The modular kitchens can change the entire look of your kitchen. Regular maintenance of the modular kitchen can save you lots of money. Keeping the above tips in your mind can help you increase the life of your modular kitchen.

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