Exploring how ‘one apartment per floor’ luxury homes cater to 3 BHK home buyers preferences in Hyderabad!

Exploring how ‘one apartment per floor’ luxury homes cater to 3 BHK home buyers’ preferences in Hyderabad!

The Hyderabad residential market is witnessing defining new trends that eventually lead to a better quality of life for home buyers.

Besides other things, the Covid-19 crisis has also impacted the world in viewing their home to be a sanctimonious place for overall well-being and peace.

The pandemic has made families even better-knit in standing up for one another, and this is the reason why the 3rd quarter of 2021 in India is seeing continuous growth in residential home sales.

Homebuyers in Hyderabad are engaging in extensive, in-depth based on this psychological make-over. Even the younger lot, the millennials, are preferring to own apartments with an in-built study (for work-from-home needs).

Families need additional spaces for children to not only study from home but also attend online classes from home. The schools have virtually been operating from the bedrooms of children during lockdowns and vaccination days.

How buyers’ preferences have evolved in 2020-21 to seek ‘independent exclusive floors’

  • A conscious desire for more spacious homes has acted as a catalyst for ‘one apartment per floor’ homes, especially in the standalone building segment
  • Lockdown saw families spending more time at home. Residences turned into offices, and dining/children’s room turned into classrooms, dining and living spaces became workout spaces. Spaces in the home were optimally utilized for relaxing and unwinding purposes
  • This element also triggered the NEED TO OWN A HOME for those who were earlier NOT keen on owning their own roof
  • Homebuyers in Hyderabad are now seeking residences that offer more carpet area, and the relevant amenities
  • Home buyers are boking under-construction properties in areas that are slightly away from the places of work which offer more greenery, and a better breathing environment
  • In Hyderabad, even the techies are preferring to own bigger, more spacious homes in places like Kompally, Alwal, Sainikpuri and Yapral for the amount of greener cover they offer
  • Mental health and well-being has taken a front-seat, and even those who were earlier more city-life oriented want to tranquil, bigger spaces
  • This is why regular apartments and ‘exclusive floor apartments’ (ONE APARTMENT PER FLOOR) configurations are mushrooming in these more tranquil localities like Yapral, Sainikpuri
Luxury Homes

Key elements that make ‘One apartment per floor’ being preferred by home buyers

1. Healthy Lifestyle

  • People are more health conscious than ever before
  • Need for spaces to exercise, get fresh air in the balconies, and not be surrounded with too many households has become a priority
  • Home buyers are going a step further to pay only for amenities that are RELEVANT, and to have more floor-space to own
  • This need is catered well by ‘one apartment per floor’ residences in Hyderabad that have direct access to their own floor through ELEVATOR
  • Home buyers are thinking twice paying for amenities such as spa, gym, swimming pool, parks, playgrounds, lawns, sports courts etc. The cost of these amenities is loaded on the flat in gated communities. As a result, you end up paying for common-use facilities which you may NOT use as frequently

2. Home automation solutions

  • When you own the entire floor, you can go all pout for home automation options right from electrical gadgets to fixtures and accessories
  • Security systems can allow entry and exit of only the vistors that you all entry to your building

3. Work from home residences

  • ‘Independent floor’ homes mean that you won the entire floor to yourself, and hence, specially designed work spaces can be incorporated in these spacious ‘one apartment per floor’ units that measure more than 2200 sft
  • Due to organisations being flexible on ‘work from home’ options, the need to buy an apartment closer to home is eliminated
  • Besides, if the home buyer chooses to be away from Western hub (IT corridor), and instead chooses areas and localities like Sainikpuri, Yapral, then, for the same price of approximately Rs 1.5 crore, one can own the entire floor admeasuring 2200 plus square foot

4. Needs of younger home-buyers and millennials is met adequately by ‘One apartment per floor’ luxury homes

  • Young buyers are practical, conscious of their well-being, and want to move into areas which gives them the best of balanced life with happening areas to go
  • ‘One apartment per floor’; residences in areas like Sainikpuri, Yapral belt offer this superb balance. With terrific social infrastructure, lots of eateries, and branded stores, the idea of moving to such areas and owning an entire floor to one’s own self makes it a very lucrative proposition
  • With homes surrounded by greenery, and fresh air, living in a home where you OWN THE ENTIRE FLOOR is a luxury, and like having a vacation in a jungle villa
  • A big home allows you to have the flexibilities to have new experiences
  • With ‘one apartment per floor’ homes, you can not only invite friends and socialize, but also get an increased sense of security and wellness

5. Endless possibilities of customisation with ‘One apartment per floor’

  • Customization is possible when you do not have neighbours around, and you won the entire floor to yourself. It’s like having your own sky-villa, where flexibilities to use spaces and customisation of rooms becomes easy
  • The small builders of these independent homes built on smaller plots admeasuring between 400 to 700 square yards are far more accommodating to cater to your specific needs, especially prior to the structure coming-up to suit individual needs
  • ‘One apartment per floor’ units have broader balconies and far more open spaces all around the house since there are NO COMMON WALLS

‘One apartment per floor’ residences are ushering in a new trend to meet the family needs of the family in the post COVID era.

A high-quality of living is the biggest reward of owning these exclusive independent floor units, which is an unparalleled reward. With ‘one apartment per floor’ units, you live undisturbed, and remain unseen!

To quote René Descartes- “To live well, one must live unseen.”


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