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Looking for 3 BHK flat in Hyderabad? 7 Expectations in post-COVID era you can’t ignore!

This article deals with the question “What kind of home will I need in the post-COVID era?”

Given below are 7 expectations that home buyers have from their homes in cities like Hyderabad.

1. Sunlight, good ventilation and Work-from-home spaces

  • Good sunlight and ventilation are the scientific basis for Vastu. Rather than following Vastu shastra blindly, home buyers will actually see if the needs are being fulfilled with better ventilation, direct sunlight, and pollution-free approach to their apartment
  • Less crowded locations are gaining importance. The hitherto ‘good locations’ situated in crowded areas are being re-looked upon from ‘family-safety’ angle
  • In the post pandemic era, both companies and educational institutions are open to greater flexibility on work-from-home or study-from-home (online) options. While the parents are busy working from home, the students are attending to classes and preparing for Exams and writing them as well from home!
  • Design elements needs to cater to these changed priorities and crying needs of all the family members
  • Efficient use of space becomes a much more critical in the post Pandemic era
  • Efficient and effective designs for your 3 BHK flat is the key where every square inch of available space is put to effective use in making life more liveable and healthy
  • A 2 BHK apartment clearly do NOT measure up to the needs of the family
  • Bedroom, living room should be designed to convert and accommodate workstation areas for all the members of the family

2. Kitchen area to be inviting and more efficient

  • Open kitchens are in vogue with much greater rigour as they give you more space with lesser walls
  • Open kitchen provides for better social connect, and ability to multi-task
  • Kitchen in a post-pandemic scenario is the most flocked area for the family members
  • The pantry of the office is also added to the kitchen area…a space that’s frequently by almost all the family members for munching and drinking something incessantly
  • Hence, the deign-elements need to cater to this need by the builders mostly to 3 BHK flat
Kitchen in 3 BHK flat

3. Privacy considering more time spent at home

  • In the pre-2020 times, the members of the family would pack their lunch boxes and head outside the home
  • Now, the amount of time spent inside the house is more…for all family members
  • Hence, the need for superior designs that offer better privacy, noise-reducing doors and windows are a must
  • Home automation systems also have gained importance, and enable more privacy besides making living a more pleasurable experience

4. Lower bills upon electricity consumption

  • While air-conditioning was NOT much of a priority earlier, but having to work or study from home requires air-conditioning as well as all other electrical gadgets to be far more efficient
  • Lighting, equipment, and fixtures across the home need to be extremely well-planned, and energy efficient to lower the electricity bills
  • The design-element of floor plans of your 3 BHK flat also need to cater to this factor, so that only necessary ports of electricity points are operated to remain within a reasonable budget

5. Space for health and fitness

  • With gymnasiums and outdoor exercise options being limited, home buyers are open to having additional space for fitness
  • The living room designs are also being made to double-up for multi-tasking capabilities
  • Even furniture automation options are being increasingly used to use the space for dual purposes. E.g. the bed could fold-up vertically, and create space for a work-from-home work-station
  • Here again bigger 3 bedroom apartments (upwards of 1600 sft) alone can cater to more space for your family needs. Smaller home just won’t be able to deliver a better quality of life

6. Airy balconies/spaces to breathe easy

  • Being locked inside the house for eternity due to social distancing norms get suffocating
  • This is why open spaces to stretch your legs, walk around the house comfortably, and ability to sit or stand in the balcony comes as a huge respite

7. Lesser focus on shared amenities like gymnasium, swimming pool

  • Common amenities that are used and touched by multiple human beings are increasingly being avoided, or being made ‘contactless’ with the help of technology
  • Gymnasiums, swimming pools, club-houses, beauty-salons, spas, sitting areas, restaurants, cafes, shops etc. within the gated-community complexes are NOT a priority now
  • There is absolutely no point in paying for all the facilities and common amenities that you cannot use
  • Priority is to secure and make common areas like elevators, stairs, security system contactless as possible
  • Touch-free sanitary, bath and kitchen fittings are gaining more importance
  • Anything that lessens human touch is gaining importance
  • Home automation companies are coming-up with innovative technology solutions that are here to stay for eternity

Builders who are making adjustments in their layout plans considering the above factors will be able to sell their apartments faster.

Standalone apartment buildings are also gaining importance, since what’s inside the home is more important that the external amenities.

Your family matters! Gain the right perspective to provide a safe, comfortable abode for your loved ones!!

To quote Olivia Newton-John– “Family, nature and health all go together.”


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