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5 reasons why buying a 3 BHK flat in Hyderabad in an interior location of an area may be a wiser decision

Contrary to the popular belief on opting for the most promising location, going for the so-called ‘interior’ or ‘inside’ or even ‘too far away location may be a good option.

Especially, in the long run!

About 20 years back, Madhapur, Kukatpally, Mehdipatnam, Tarnaka, Uppal etc. were all considered too far away as locations to buy your 3 BHK in Hyderabad.

Needless to say, the population and economy grew, and these ‘far-off locations’ over a period of 10 years turned into so-called ‘great locations’.

Who is happier? Ones closer to main road, or those father away?

In fact, all those homebuyers in Hyderabad who bought their 3 BHK apartments a little ‘farther away from the main roads, are far happier than those who are within 500 meters of the main road. Those closer to main roads are forced to keep their doors and windows shut to prevent dust and pollutants from settling inside the apartment.

A good location closer to the main road turns into a bane rather than a boon in due course of time!

This is why it is safe to say that even if your proposed apartment is about 3 KMs away from the closest main road or the arterial road, it will most likely turn out to be a good decision.

Reasons why buying a home away from main road is wiser

1. Lesser cost

  • At times, within a locality (area)we find two locations for our 3 BHK unit- 1) located within 1 or 2 Kms of the main road, 2) located 2 to 3 Kms away from the main road
  • The apartments closer to main road have better roads, offer a smoother ride, the access road is good, the social infrastructure is closer
  • The apartment farther away (2 to 4 Kms from main road) may NOT have good roads, the ride may have patches of bumpy roads, more open plots and open areas, a bit secluded as compared to the projects closer to the main road
  • Assuming similar specifications and quality of construction, the apartments farther away will cost at least Rs 200 to Rs 400 per square foot lesser than those closer to the main road
  • Benefit- an apartment farther away will cost less because the land prices will also be lesser, and the benefit is passed on to you. Plus, bumpy roads tend to get fine with time
  • For example- in Sainikpuri/Yapral area, an apartment closer to Sainikpuri main road (1 to 2 Kms) would cost approximately Rs 4200 to Rs 4400 per sft. An apartment that’s about 3 or 4 Kms away would have better greenery, and would cost approx. Rs 4000 per sft

2. Lesser pollution, healthier location

  • More greenery, more open spaces will mean much lesser sound and air pollution
  • The quality of air your family will breathe will remain better
  • The farther away you are from the main road, the safer you are from all the poisonous gases being emanated by the passing vehicles
  • As time progresses we start ageing, and with a location with better air-quality, we remain healthier

3. More spacious apartment

  • Clearly, you can buy a bigger apartment for the same money, should you choose to go farther away
  • The locality and precise location are two different things. Within a certain locality, you could choose a precise location that is better and affordable on pricing as well as space
  • Example- In Hyderabad, with a budget of Rs 60 Lakh, you get a 1300 sft apartment in a so-called good-location (near main road), and approximately 1500 sft flat in the interior location
  • This means you get an additional 200 sft more, which means you get an additional utility area, more spacious rooms, bathrooms, and even one balcony
  • By being too close to the main road, you lose out on precious space inside of the house
3 BHK flat

4. Low density area, safer in long run

  • With the pandemic, it is advisable to stay in low-population density areas
  • The lesser the people, the better
  • Pandemic has taught us to be in less crowded areas, and to enjoy cleaner air that’s not contaminated by microbes

5. Quiet, peaceful area for a longer duration of 3 BHK flat

  • A less populated area tends to remain more peaceful for a longer duration
  • The place will not have vehicles clogging the surroundings, and you can have a peaceful sleep at night
  • After a decade or so, you will find yourself living in the most suitable area, with lots of space around you

Clearly, what we might see as an ‘interior location’ will eventually turn out to be a better decision. The quality of life is decidedly better, with cleaner air if you are about 2 to 4 Kms away from the hustle and bustle of the main road.

To quote Joe Thomas– “I live in a flat in central London. I do like it there; there’s always stuff going on. But I do crave a bit of peace and quiet.”


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