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7 benefits of ‘independent floor residences’ for home buyers seeking flexible, tranquil spaces in Hyderabad!

‘One apartment per floor’ apartments built on small plot sizes admeasuring between 400 to 700 square yards offer several benefits that make life practical and liveable. In Hyderabad, you find the demand of these ‘exclusive floors’ picking up, especially after the pandemic. The new-found interest in life is a departure from the pre-pandemic break-neck speed fast-life where financial & professional considerations were in the forefront.

The pandemic brought about a change in the way we live and perceive life. Consequently, spacious homes are now preferred, and the demand for 3 bedroom and upwards has gone up in Hyderabad, and perhaps, the world-over.

These independent floors scuttle the suffocation of a highly regimented living with fixed spaces, fixed bedroom, well-demarcated kitchen, walls and so on.

independent floor residences

The builders of the ‘one apartment per floor’ are not only offering homes upwards of 2200 sft, but are even able to customise and make changes in the spaces early on.

Infact, the designs itself are such that they allow flexibility of converting the floor plate into a number of ways depending upon the needs of the family.

A home buyer can customize these ‘exclusive floors’ based on one’s unique style and family-needs.

When you own a spacious floor entirely to yourself, you get to enjoy a living area that is spacious, airy and connected to the rest of the house.

The designs offer largely open floor plans, and are gaining popularity during in a post-pandemic era, and rightly so!

The benefits they offer you are-

1. Interconnected spaces

Interconnected spaces with an independent floor
  • The most defining characteristic of such open floor plan spaces is the minimal walls for separating spaces
  • Independent floors offer an open-concept homes feature living, dining and kitchen virtually open. In fact, you also get to own central areas that serves multiple purposes such as living room, dining room, work-from-home spaces with an adjoining open-kitchen which is open to the living area
  • This creates a beautiful spacious atmosphere that is socially-relevant, inviting, comfortable and very welcoming in look and feel.

2. More natural light flowing in from all directions

Independent floor - More natural light flowing in from all directions
  • ‘One apartment per floor’ spaces harbour the open-concept very well, and you have the flexibility of half-walls or even completely eliminated walls.
  • Sun light gets an uninterrupted access to your home, which allows you to fully enjoy the brightness that’s invigorating
  • Some builders in Hyderabad are taking this luxury a step further with large windows, windowed walls and sprawling glass doors leading outside towards the balconies of corridor.

3. Enhanced family connect and togetherness

Independent floor - Enhanced family connect and togetherness
  • By design, walls are not allowed to keep people aloof. This makes an independent floor home with open floor plan ideal for a well-knit family time.
  • With a dining area that allows you to sit-together for all your meals, and abundance of open spaces keeps family members from being cut-off from one another.

4. Options to customize early on, and flexibility to arrange furniture

Independent floor | Options to customize early on, and flexibility to arrange furniture
  • Large floor plate allows it to work as a blank slate, especially early-on to make space-enhancing adjustments as you please.
  • The floor designs themselves allow you to alter the spaces as you please. For instance, you could choose to have a large dining room, expand the living room, or even create a cosy home office in a nook of your open-spaces
  • You could arrange the furniture to differentiate the spaces within the open-spaces and the central area, creating an impression of ‘demarcated areas’ without using any actual walls.

5. Enhanced safety with lesser walls, more space

Independent floor - Enhanced safety with lesser walls, more space
  • One apartment per floor, spacious homes are safer for elders as well as children
  • They offer unrestricted sight across the home, making it so much easier to navigate around the rooms, and to watch over the little ones.

6. More usable space with an independent floor

More usable space with an independent floor
  • These homes feel more spacious being airy, with open design elements.
  • Space around unending corridors is avoided. Plus, you can do away with unnecessary walls that reduce space to move around freely.
  • This allows optimum square footage, ensuring that every square inch of your home is utilized to add to its functionality.

7. Higher energy efficiency and lesser electricity bills

Independent floor - Higher energy efficiency and lesser electricity bills
  • Exclusive floor apartments with such open floor plans reduce your energy bills.
  • This is because, the floor plan is far easier to allow air-conditioning to take effect, thereby, reducing your electricity bills.
  • Additionally, during cold winters, the sunlight from large windows help you capture the positive effects of a ‘greenhouse’.

Comfort, calm, and well-being are assured with ‘one apartment per floor’ residences!

“When I’m home, I like a cozy, comfortable, calming space.”

– Stacy Keibler

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