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Work-life balance enhanced with a 3BHK ‘independent floor apartment’ costing Rs 1.5 crore in Sainikpuri, Hyderabad!

Sainikpuri in Hyderabad is fast becoming a preferred destination for homebuyers who seek an ‘exclusive floor’ that’s part of a standalone building. Post-pandemic, remote work has been the way of life for many professionals. Many companies are now comfortable with the idea of work-from-home, which is what is propelling this growth of ‘one apartment per floor’ dwelling units. Clearly, with work-from-home, the lines between work life and personal life have become blurred. However, professionals want a tranquil place, a home in a peaceful locality where they can live and work in peace. All this while providing a healthy environment for your family members.

Living in a standalone ‘independent floor apartment’ unit in a lush-green locality like Sainikpuri allows you better chances to have defined boundaries between work and family.

What’s an exclusive floor?

  • 5 storeys, 5 floors built on a small residential plot (400-700 square yards)
  • Each floor feels exclusive, open-to-sky, with no common walls
  • Ground floor parking, elevator (lift) access to each floor
  • High on privacy & amenities
  • These exclusive homes in SAINIKPURI are usually more than 2200 sft in size. The best part is that you get to own the entire floor. With more spaces inside the house, and with no neighbours around you, working from home becomes easier

To achieve a good work-life balance, living in ‘exclusive-floor’ apartment in Sainikpuri can make your life much easier compared to living in independent bungalows. Plus, they cost almost half of what a bungalow costs in Sainikpuri!

Work-life balance can be affected if the home or apartment is smaller. This is why a Rs 1.5 crore ‘exclusive floor’ apartment in Sainikpuri, Hyderabad is being considered as the right choice by home buyers who seek SPACE & LIFESTYLE at an ATTRACTIVE PRICE POINT.

The necessary amenities in these exclusive floors like ‘elevator access to floor’ and ‘power back-up’ give you a luxurious feel. This makes them high on VALUE FOR MONEY!

Let us learn how a ‘independent floor apartment’ home can help to improve your work-life balance.

1. Leisurely & Relaxing Spaces

  • With all sides open, and well-designed home, you can relax your mind and body after a busy day’s work even if you are working from home
  • A spacious home helps you release your stress and forget the worries
  • With less neighbours in your ‘exclusive home’, you can engage in leisure activities with your family
  • Having complete privacy with owning the entire floor helps you maintain harmony between work & personal life
  • You can spend your free time in the parks in and around the residential colony you live in. Especially, in places like Sainikpuri in Hyderabad, you can step out and enjoy the environments
  • Living in a good colony allows you to be in the ‘lap of nature’ which helps you take energizing work-breaks to give you a dose of complete relaxation

2. Fitness & Wellness Areas 

  • You can avoid the ills of constantly sitting in front of the computer
  • Lack of exercise can also be avoided with ‘exercise room’ or walking in the spaces of a low-density colony
  • An exclusive-home in a beautiful residential colony allows you to set-up an exercise regime both inside and outside home
  • With excellent social infrastructure, you have many fitness centres, yoga rooms and jogging areas in colonies like Sainikpuri in Hyderabad
  • While living in exclusive-homes, you can easily make exercise part of your daily routine

3. Community Living 

  • You get the benefit of community living, since you are living in a standalone building with 5 families residing
  • You have lesser people to remain in touch, since the number of floors are just five in these independent exclusive-floor
  • Being in a close-knit community, you remain happier than those who live a secluded lifestyle
  • You make friends, and engage in various social activities within your cosy standalone building
  • So, unlike an independent bungalow, life in an ‘independent floor apartment’ is tension-free

4. Maintenance, Security and Housekeeping

  • Routine home maintenance will take away your peace of mind in an independent bungalow
  • With the collective power of five in the standalone building, you can overcome the pain of getting the necessary facilities, repairs and maintenance
  • Working from home is a delight when you do NOT have to struggle too much with these housekeeping and upkeep activities be it finding an electrician, plumbers etc. As a result, you end up enjoying a perfect work-life balance

5. Outdoor Spaces

  • Outdoor spaces like parks, community halls etc. are available in residential colonies where these standalone buildings are offered by builders in Hyderabad
  • You have access to spacious parks and green outdoor areas. Being in the lap of nature brings positivity and enhances your mental wellness
  • In residential areas like Sainikpuri, you have many nature trails as you move along the various colonies. The manicured gardens and spacious play areas of GHMC are a joy, and perhaps better than even gated-community gardens
  • Plus, a locality like Sainikpuri offers a harmonious life being close to nature surrounded by a thick cover of trees
  • This is blissful for your children, and help create happy childhood memories

Considering all these positive aspects, a ‘independent floor apartment’ residential apartment in Sainikpuri is perhaps the best choice for working professionals who seek a perfect balance between work and family life!


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