Owning the entire floor with an ‘independent 3 BHK apartment’- a hot trend with homebuyers in Hyderabad

Owning the entire floor with an ‘independent 3 BHK apartment’- a hot trend with homebuyers in Hyderabad

We are all aware that Standalone residential buildings are mushrooming across Hyderabad, especially post-COVID. These buildings made on plots of sizes ranging from 400 square yards to 600 square yards comprise ‘one apartment per floor’.

The latest trend clearly is to own the ENTIRE FLOOR in these standalone buildings!

One of the big motivators is that these ‘One apartment per floor’ residences offer low-density living, and are located in some of the best localities in Hyderabad.

independent 3 bhk apartment

You find this configuration of ‘exclusive ownership of entire floor’ coming up in all good localities viz. Madhapur, Gachibowli, Kukatpally, Uppal, Medipatnam, Alwal, A.S Rao Nagar, Yapral, Sainikpuri, Tarnaka, Kompally among others.

Why are small plots being used for making these exclusive floors? like independent 3 BHK apartment

GHMC allows 5 storey apartments to come up with the ground floor reserved for parking.

This allows a sense of ‘exclusivity’ with these ONE FLOOR, ONE APARTMENT residences!

Reasons why OWNING THE ENTIRE FLOOR is a thrill –

1. Luxurious living at a much lesser cost as compared to independent bungalows in these hot localities

  • Owning the entire floor works out much cheaper than constructing a bungalow on a plot
  • For instance, in Sainikpuri a 400 square yard plot with an independent 3 BHK apartment of approximately 2500 square feet, it will cost nothing less than Rupees 3 crores for the complete home. Besides, you have to spend additionally on amenities like a Diesel Generator (for power back-up), borewell, water/sewage/electricity etc.
  • With an exclusive apartment, you get ‘much more for far less’
  • An independent 3 bhk apartment in Sainikpuri could cost less than Rs. 1.4 crores

2. Desire to have exclusive specifications on par with ultra-luxe apartments in Jubilee Hills or Gachibowli region

  • Buyers are willing to pay more for luxurious specifications in places like Sainikpuri rather than opting for a much smaller apartment with corridor being shared with neighbours
  • The ONE APARTMENT, ONE FLOOR homes allow you to spend nothing on amenities like swimming pool, club-house, play-fields etc. Instead the same money is utilised to get a home with high brand specifications
  • Dozens of high-brand specifications with a superior design-element make the home stunning

3. These apartments are unlike an apartment since your OWN THE ENTIRE FLOOR

  • Just like in a villa, you get uninterrupted views of the world around you as you peep out of the window or stand in your balcony
  • This FREEDOME to explore and watch your surrounding in an uninhibited manner is just NOT possible with an apartment

4. Family automatically gets priority when you OWN THE ENTIRE FLOOR

  • With an exclusive floor, you are happier with only relevant amenities like a diesel generator for power back-up, spacious parking slots, high-end elevators, and a superb security system
  • The social distancing norms are met by default
  • You get more space for a better mental and physical health

5. Advantageous location

  • You could be living alongside sprawling bungalows and villas in a neighbourhood that truly meant for the discerning few
  • This escalates your lifestyle and social-status quotient considerably
  • The location factor would allow you to reminisce over a good decision made even decades later. For instance, the Sainikpuri, Yapral belt is one of the finest localities. This area will only get better, and even after 2 or 3 decades, those owning an exclusive floor would continue to feel happy about living in a tranquil and quaint locality such as Sainikpuri
  • The social infrastructure with good localities only gets better with time. For example, in Sainikpuri-Yapral belt you have a host of shops, stores, eateries, Cafes, groceries, essential amenities within easy reach

Owning the complete slice of floor certainly is a matter of sheer joy!

To quote Mother Teresa- “Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.”  


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