We live in a day and age where apartment complexes are sprouting everywhere. While an independent house has ventilation on all 4 sides, that might not be the case in an apartment complex. Living in an apartment with proper ventilation will surely aid in the mental as well as physical health of the residents.People spend up to 90% of their time indoors and breathe thousands of litres of air each day. Ventilation aims at creating healthy and cosy indoor air in the building.


Apartment complexes might have 1, 2, 3 or 4 sided ventilation. Based on this, it is important to ensure there is a flow of air through the building. Poorly-ventilated buildings can cause people to feel extremely claustrophobic and they might develop breathing problems.


Hence, choosing or building an apartment complex with proper ventilation is paramount. 

Few advantages of ventilation:


  • With proper ventilation, fresh air will replace the air in the apartment and maintain a flow and cycle. This is advantageous to the indoor environment of the apartment as there is constant fresh air coming in
  • Due to the constant flow of air through the ventilation provided, there are less to no chances of condensation. Damp and mouldy conditions can trigger diseases and in some cases asthma as well.
  • Cooking, dish washing, washing, taking a sauna bath, washing clothes and breathing produce humidity, smoke and odors that are eliminated efficiently by ventilation.
  • Low oxygen content causes headaches and fatigue. Efficient ventilation keeps the carbon dioxide level sufficiently low and makes the residents feel better and more active.
  • Ventilation removes the emissions caused by construction and furnishing materials from indoor air.
  • Proper ventilation is extremely important to make the building as cool as possible for people inside. When the building is too warm, people might feel very uncomfortable and they could be dissuaded from staying inside.
  • Natural ventilation systems use outdoor airflow to cool the inside of buildings. This means that people do not have to spend lots of money powering inefficient mechanical cooling systems.

Fresh air = Healthy life! 


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