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Hyderabad housing boom to continue smoothly into 2022

The homebuyers in Hyderabad are continuing to line up to purchase 3BHK and bigger homes, and the trends seem positive as we move towards 2022. In the post-COVID era, the demand for bigger, spacious, and more space-efficient homes has gone up! Instead of seeking smaller 2 BHK units, the home-buyers are finding more sense in seeking 3BHK dwelling units.

Hyderabad has witnessed a rise in demand for the Rs 1 crore to Rs 1.4 crore housing segment over the last 18 months. Besides gated-community apartments, the standalone building apartment segment offers very attractive deals- especially, considering the SPACIOUSNESS and low-density lifestyle. The demand for the spacious ‘one apartment per floor’ independent homes (upwards of 2200 sft) has really shot up in the Rs 1 crore plus price range.

hyderabad housing boom in 2022

Demand for plots and villas are soaring, however, the apartment segment attracts the value-conscious buyers who:

  1. …want to spend on buying more space inside the home rather than spending on amenities that may not be used by the family members on a regular basis,
  2. …are looking for relevant amenities like power back-up, security, and access to their chosen—floor by lift (elevators)
  3. …want a more healthy and clutter-free living environment (surrounded by greenery) for the overall mental and physical health for their family members

Highlights on the housing segment of real estate in Hyderabad

  • Since the beginning of 2021, the city of Hyderabad has recorded almost a 50% jump in annual residential sales as compared to same time-period in 2020
  • To share some figures:
    • July, August, September (Quarter 3 of 2021) saw a record 15,000 plus residential units launched in the gated-community segment. The numbers are much more than this, since the standalone building segment is also equally high
    • In July, August, September (Quarter 3 of 2021), over 6500 residential units were sold. This is not only 100% higher than the sales that happened in 2020 in the same time period, but also the highest ever in the last 5 years
    • The mid to high segment of residential unit sale happened to be over 75% of the total residential units. This segment comprises of: Rs 65 lakh to Rs 3 Crore range.
    • This means that more and more people are buying properties that are above the Rs 65 lakh range
  • Gated community builders are left with minimal inventories, which means that Hyderabad has the most efficient inventory hangover across India
  • Inventory of apartments in the range of Rs 3 and 4 crore (or upwards) in and around Madhapur are also almost SOLD-OUT which is a positive sign for the real estate industry in Hyderabad
  • Hyderabad is also turning out to be the most preferred location for investment by the Non-Resident Indians. NRIs are investing in open plots, vacation homes, and high-end apartments in prime localities. Some of preferred localities that those that are closer to nature like Sainikpuri and Yapral. Properties in Sainikpuri and Yapral are being picked-up since the prices in these areas is very lucrative for the time being

Why will Hyderabad continue to flourish?
The main reasons for the growth of Hyderabad as a preferred destination for both resident and non-residents Indians alike- 1) terrific infrastructure, 2) the people of Hyderabad, and 3) a business-friendly environment.

  1. Terrific infrastructure: The GHMC and the State Government have an active role to play here. The city is growing and every 6 months you get a different and better picture of Hyderabad. The cleanliness or civic amenities are constantly improving
  2. Fabulous people: There is nothing that can be said to impress upon the cosmopolitan and inclusive nature of the people of Hyderabad. It just feel amazing being amidst fun-loving, friendly, helpful and peace-loving people of Hyderabad
  3. A business-friendly environment: Clearly, the reason why Hyderabad is preferred as a location is the policies of the State government. The State government has implemented innovative policies to encourage investments in the economic development of Telangana. This obviously creates, and employment fuels overall prosperity and happiness across the State

Overall the real estate sector is on a growth path in Hyderabad, and owning a beautiful home in the beautiful city of Hyderabad can only bring unprecedented joy!


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