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Hyderabad, ‘a good place to live’ for a new home buyer: The role of GHMC in making that happen!

Hyderabad, ‘a good place to live’ for a new home buyer: The role of GHMC in making that happen!

Very often we get to hear people speaking volumes about Hyderabad as a wonderful city to live in. We hear great things about the city like infrastructure, beautiful roads, shopping hubs, educational institutions, healthcare & medical facilities, entertainment options, eateries, and so on.

What’s often undermined is the crucial role played by the civic body of Hyderabad- the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). GHMC works behind the scenes for us and makes Hyderabad a brilliant option to invest in your property.

This article will give some food for thought to a home buyer thinking about which city to buy their home in- Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, or elsewhere.

As a new home buyer, if you are thinking about which city to choose to live in, then you will be delighted to know what GHMC does for Hyderabad. The future prospects look truly promising! The city of Hyderabad is extremely high in on liveability parameters.

Those who are anyways want to make Hyderabad their home will only rejoice after knowing all that is being done by the civic authorities at GHMC, Hyderabad!

This article is all about getting a glimpse of what all GHMC has done to make our life beautiful in Hyderabad. The GHMC has a major role in making Hyderabad a great place to live, and to buy a property.

In this article, we shall discuss the role of GHMC in making Hyderabad a top choice to buy your dream home. We shall be talking about-

  1. The vision and mission of GHMC that’s relevant to the home buyer
  2. Green Hyderabad and initiatives by GHMC
  3. Key Objectives of GHMC towards making Hyderabad vibrant
  4. Functions being performed by GHMC currently that’s making a real difference in our lives. Especially the Civic and Infrastructure services
  5. Key services are undertaken by GHMC
  6. Initiatives are taken by GHMC like Mana Nagaram, Swachh Hyderabad, Basti Dawakhana, Annapurna centers at mealtime

As a person residing in Hyderabad, a thorough knowledge of what our own municipal corporation is doing for us makes us happy.

Buying a home in the city with responsive and responsible governance is a delight for a new home buyer.

Let’s explore…

Vision and mission of GHMC

GHMC has come up with various innovative programs to make Hyderabad a truly global and inclusive city in India.

GHMC is involved in: Building & Maintenance of Roads, Streets and Flyovers, Street Lighting, Maintenance of Parks & Open Spaces, Public Municipal Schools, Sanitation, Solid Waste Management (garbage clearing), Public Health, Urban Development and City Planning of New Areas, Registration of Births and Deaths, Electoral Registration and Conduction of Elections, and Social Sector Development.

Vision of GHMC as per Citizen’s Charter:

‘…To have well planned, inclusive, economically productive, environmentally sustainable Capital City of Hyderabad with world class infrastructure and services to provide improved quality of life to its citizens….’ (Source: http://www.ghmc.gov.in/)

This vision paves the way for a futuristic approach to ensuring that all the civic amenities required by home buyers are made available to the residents of the city.

The focus is on improved quality of life. This not only helps the residents but also helps in attracting Foreign Direct Investments to the city. The development of Western Hyderabad as the Information Technology hub, the Special Economic Zones, the areas registered tremendous growth in the last two decades. The city of Hyderabad is second to none when you see the stupendous growth in the Financial District, Gachibowli, Madhapur, and areas in a radius of about 10 KMs in the western part of Hyderabad.

GHMC has played a major role to play in keeping pace with the economic growth of the city and its population.

Mission of GHMC

The mission of GHMC is to:

  1. plan and provide for urban infrastructure requirements
  2. having a well-integrated planning
  3. operating municipal services of high quality
  4. improving the service delivery mechanism
  5. working towards an inclusive urban growth
  6. strengthening the community development and participation, providing basic services to the poor
  7. having complete transparency, accountability, and efficiency for Urban Governance

No wonder, we find the infrastructure in Hyderabad to be getting better by the day. The municipal corporation is leaving no stones unturned to provide for a superior living experience.

These commitments and actual work done by the civic authorities are music to the ears of those who are evaluating if Hyderabad is the right city to live in!

Green Hyderabad initiatives

Greenery efforts are extremely high. GHMC is committed to reducing the pollution levels in the city, curbing the noise, and lowering the urban heat. Many green initiatives are taken. Hyderabad is greener than ever before. The dividers between the roads and the areas around main roads are being covered and well-maintained with trees and shrubs to this effect.

GHMC is implementing the initiative for greenery by enforcing the Energy Conservation Building Code. Large buildings are required.

Greenery in GHMC-maintained parks and under the flyovers is stunning and continuing to get better by the day.

Recycling efforts by GHMC are underway in a big way. Footpaths are being made out of recycled plastics in Hyderabad. Such efforts make Hyderabad a truly sustainable city.

GHMC has taken efforts to plant almost 25 lakh saplings in the city. Imagine a city with 80 lakh population surrounded by 25 lakh trees! This is part of the ‘Telangana Ku Haritaharam’ drive.

Key Objectives of GHMC towards making Hyderabad vibrant

The objective-driven approach of the municipality makes Hyderabad the right choice to live in, for a long time to come. Clarity of tasks and activities to improve the quality of life of Hyderabad’s residents include-

  1. Improving the municipal infrastructure services
  2. Better planning, greater development, and well-regulated actions
  3. Strengthening the finances of GHMC, and offering more to the community
  4. Unflinching commitment to cleanliness for a pleasant and better living experience
  5. String implementation of Urban Poverty Alleviation
  6. Create a robust infrastructure for urban transport
  7. A special commitment to making metro rail a delight for commuters in the city
  8. To achieve a high level of Urban Development
  9. Being at the forefront of formulating and implementing urban reforms

As proud residents of Hyderabad, we couldn’t ask for more!

Functions being performed by GHMC

Besides the aggressive targets and activities being performed by GHMC, the civic body performs many tasks to make our life truly liveable.

These include Civic and Infrastructure services-

Civic Services include various Health, sanitation, and conservancy services like:

  • Solid waste management
  • Control of malaria and other epidemic diseases
  • Preventive health care and control of epidemics
  • Prevention of food adulteration
  • Vital statistics like registration of births and deaths

Infrastructure Services include:

  • Roads, Bridges, Flyovers, Culverts, Subways
  • Widening of Roads and Improving Junctions
  • Traffic and Transportation amenities
  • Street Lighting
  • Storm water drainage and flood control
  • Rain water harvesting and Water conservation
  • Town Planning – Zoning and Building regulations
  • Slum improvement and Urban Community Development
  • Slaughter Houses, crematoria, and burial grounds
  • Hospitals, Dispensaries, and Maternity & Child welfare centers

As home buyers, we hardly think about all that our municipal corporation does for us. Their job really is to keep us safe and protected. Life without their keen engagement towards our well-being would be extremely difficult!

Key services are undertaken by GHMC

As residents of a city, we need to know the key services that are undertaken by the corporation. These include- i) Health & Sanitation, ii) Electrical, iii) Property tax, iv) Engineering, v) Town planning, vi) Bio-diversity & sports, vii) Urban community development, viii) Electronic services (Mee Seva)

Each one of these is a massive department in itself, and there is an enormous amount of effort that goes into making the life of residents easy.

Town planning in itself has a crucial role in building plan approvals, providing building permits, identifying and demolishing unauthorized structures, road widening, and laying new roads for the convenience of the residents.

Planting lakhs of saplings, developing 500 colony parks and tree parks, having flowering plants on all the main roads of the city, procuring tree guards, and implementing a plantation program on a massive scale are part of this effort which are being done by GHMC. Some of the major GHMC-driven projects include Rock Garden at Jubilee Hills, Miralam Tank, Kishan Bagh Park, Malkam Cheruvu, Khajaguda lake, Golconda Fort Heritage corridor, Thamidikunta lake near Hi-Tech City, Brailey Park at Nalgonda X roads, Mullakathva lake, Kendriya Vihar lake, Kothaguda lake.

Theme parks such as Bamboo Garden, Herbal Garden, Bougainvillea Garden, and Butterfly Park have also been made by GHMC. The drive continues unabatedly to make Hyderabad a beautiful city to live in.

Urban community development is all about having better civic administration. GHMC has launched various community development programs such as constructing e-Libraries, better linkage with the banks, implementing Deepam (LPG) scheme, Night Shelters, street vending surveys (to identify and issue identity cards), community hall construction, Digitalisation, Community toilets construction survey, Single woman pension schemes, Women Health Summit, Self-employment schemes, Shelter less people survey, Day Care centers and more.

The Outer Ring Road (ORR) was envisioned by the state government, and 33 radial roads were connected to the city surrounding the city. Here also, there is enormous coordination and cooperation of GHMC that’ happened.

All these initiatives besides being extremely humane in nature, also make the city of Hyderabad that much safer. If people are taken care of, then even crime rates tend to go down. The city becomes more caring, and there is an all-around positive effect.

Electronic services, many services are offered by GHMC. These include Mee Seva, Telangana Transport online services (learning license, driving license, slot booking), new voter enrolments, property tax, trade license, and development permission management.

All these civic amenities are a huge respite from standing in the long queues and woes of the yesteryears.

Initiatives are taken by GHMC

Initiatives taken by GHMC are Mana Nagaram, Swachh Hyderabad, Basti Dawakhana, and Annapurna centers at meal time.

Source: https://restaurant-guru.in/

Mana Nagaram is an initiative where mud idols of Lord Ganesha are being promoted. The benefit is to protect the lakes around Hyderabad, and to add to the green cover to Hyderabad.

Swachh Hyderabad is part of the Swachh Telangana initiative to make the city open defecation-free, healthy, liveable, and sustainable public health with positive environmental outcomes.

Basti Dawakhana is an initiative of GHMC to bring health care to the community, and the needs at convenient times between 7.00 am to 10.00 am and between 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm. Referral services, specialist doctors, medical facilities, and free diagnostic services are being done for slums and vulnerable populations in Hyderabad.

Annapurna is another landmark initiative by GHMC to address Urban Hunger. GHMC provides hygienic and safe Food to under privileged, poor and down trodden for Rs.5/- per meal. The scheme has expanded to over 150 centers serving hot and nourishing meals daily to over 25000 people in Hyderabad. These centers are hugely popular among the poor. In this scheme Rs. 5/- is paid by those who eat the meal, and GHMC subsidizes the remaining amount.


GHMC is doing an admirable job in administering and providing basic infrastructure to the city of Hyderabad. For a new home buyer in Hyderabad, it is a matter of pride to belong to a city that is fortunate to have GHMC at the helm of affairs. GHMC in Hyderabad is truly an ever-responsive civic body that contributes incessantly and tirelessly to make our lives beautiful.


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