TMT bars

How to select the perfect TMT bars for your Home?

Owning a house is a dream for many of us. For most of us, it is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. That is why a lot of time and thought needs to be put into every detail of the house.

The process of building a house has different stages with different levels and many complexities. It’s always important to plan ahead to execute the same within timelines.

The planning process starts with an architect who designs the structure according to the location. Along with the architect, you should have a talented and reliable mason with a good team. It’s a good practice to enquire about his past projects before selecting the mason.

Do not compromise on the materials required for construction – their quality determines and assures the longevity of the building. Some of the important construction materials include TMT bars, sand, bricks, and cement. TMT bars are the most important of these, as they bond with concrete. The quality of these reinforced bars determines the strength of the structure and also helps the building resist earthquakes.

TMT bars

Always select high-quality TMT bars suitable for all types of constructions.

A few factors you need to consider while selecting the TMT bars.

Strength & Flexibility

The TMT bars should have a perfect balance of strength and flexibility. India comes under a high seismic zone with a history of devastating earthquakes. Therefore, it is important to select the correct type of steel with the correct balance between strength and flexibility to absorb shocks during earthquakes and prevent the building from collapsing.


The grade of these bars determines their elongation. There are different grades ranging from Fe 415 to Fe 600. Bars with lower grades have low strength and high flexibility while the ones with higher grades have high strength and low flexibility. Fe 500 is considered the best grade for these bars because it offers the perfect balance between strength and flexibility, suitable for all types of construction.

ISO Certification 

Always opt for International Standards Organization (ISO) certified TMT bars which ensure their high quality.


TMT bars that are ductile are preferred for any type of construction as they can be bent without causing fatigue it.

TMT bars that are ductile are preferred for any type of construction as they can be bent without causing fatigue it. Also, the transportation of bars is much easier if they are highly ductile.

FE500D TMT bars provide the maximum ductility with:

  • High tensile strength
  • High weldability
  • Higher yield strength
  • Easy bendability

Corrosion Resistance 

As TMT bars will inevitably be exposed to different weather conditions during the construction process, corrosion-resistant bars are always highly in demand for all construction purposes. Birla TMT bars, that have passed through various corrosion tests have proven to be better than others.

Reputable Brand

It’s advisable to go for these bars from reputed brands only. Birla TMT bars are the top-rated bars for all construction purposes in today’s market.


If you are planning to construct a house or a building, this blog will help you choose the right quality TMT bars for your project.

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