How to maintain your rental property?

How to maintain your rental property!

Maintaining your property and keeping and free from any damages will increase your profit and allow you to hold on to good tenants. Unforeseen costs like repairs and replacements are inevitable when managing a rental property and you should attend to them immediately.

Rental property maintenance checks

Below is a short list of things to keep an eye out for when inspecting your rental property.


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1. Roof:

  • Check for cracks and blockages of the water drains. All of these can cause costly damages in the future. Check the water tank and its structure, check to see if there are any trees that extend onto your building and cut them. You want to avoid having any of these since it can be a deal breaker for many tenants.

2. Windows:

  • Check to see if all your windows are sealed properly with no gaps and if there are gaps, seal them and also ensure the latches work properly and aren’t coming off. This will save you in the future from moisture damage and heat loss.
Make sure that the exterior of your rental property is always painted in order to protect it from moisture and sun damage|

3. Exterior painting:

  • It is important to make sure that the exterior of your property is always painted in order to protect it from moisture and sun damage. Nobody wants to live in a house that looks bad on the outside or has cracks and paint peeling off.

4. Landscape:

  • Inspect for broken tree branches or trees with fungus. Anything that might bring an inconvenience to your tenants, be sure to fix it. Make sure the grass is healthy (if any) and always mow it so that any new tenants passing by could see that your property is well-maintained and healthy.


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1. Geysers:

  • Make sure to drain and regularly remove any dirt from the water heaters to ensure smooth functioning. If your property is in an area with a lot of sediment in the water, you might consider making this a monthly task.

2. Cooling

  • you should always inspect the fans and cooling system. Check the filters and make sure there isn’t any dust or sediment around them. This can restrict the airflow and may ruin the system in the future. Clean the fans and make sure the regulators are working properly.

3. Paint

  • Check for any paint chippings or mold that might be on the walls and always re-paint if needed. Watch out for water damage in the walls and if any is found, fix it immediately. 

The above brief tips should help maintain your property and have happy tenants. 

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