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A dream-home in Sainikpuri: ‘Rs 2.8 crore bungalow’ versus ‘Rs 1.4 crore exclusive-floor apartment

In the stunning environs of lush-green Sainikpuri, Hyderabad a home-buyer who wants a discerning lifestyle can choose between TWO equally amazing options-

Option ONE- Independent bungalow built on a residential plot of 400 square yards, 2200 sft 3BHK residence

Option TWO- Exclusive floor apartment– where you own the entire floor of your 2200 sft 3BHK home. The home-buyer, in this case, is one of the five residents who live in the 5-story building meant for 5 families (as per GHMC norms)

Cost of these 2 home-options in Sainikpuri

  • INDEPENDENT BUNGALOW- Rs 2.8 crore as per calculations given below
  • EXCLUSIVE FLOOR APARTMENT- Rs 1.4 crore as per calculations given below
Rs 1.4 crore apartment

‘One apartment per floor’- the ‘cost & lifestyle’ advantage

  • These floors constructed in Sainikpuri are usually built on small-sized residential plots admeasuring 400-700 square yards in Sainikpuri- the beautiful, well-connected, yet a low-density locality!
  • The ‘one apartment per floor’ unit in Sainikpuri costs almost HALF as compared to constructing an independent bungalow in the locality
  • Instead of spending over Rs 2.8 crore, you gain access to all that Sainikpuri has to offer at an undeniably low price of Rs 1.4 crore, but with high social-status offering
  • Constructing an independent-home is a tedious process that requires high-involvement, time and high-energy from the dream-home aspirant
  • One the other hand, the ‘one apartment per floor’ exclusive homes are constructed by builders in an area like Sainikpuri. The process is hassle-free, especially if you get a professional builder to take the worries off your mind!
  • These ‘exclusive floor’ apartments in Sainikpuri locality come with modern amenities like access to your floor by elevator (lift), power-backup genset, security etc.
  • With a professional builder making these ‘exclusive floors’ you get the professional advantage of having a sturdy structure with high-end specifications and good-finish besides an efficient floor-plan to cater to family needs
  • The advantage of ‘community living’ with four neighbours around you is a blessing!
  • You get the benefits and feel of a ‘villa living’ at half the price, since you own the entire floor, and have complete privacy on your floor, with no neighbours on the same floor to invade into your freedom
  • Living in Sainikpuri in an ‘independent floor’ with amenities like elevator (lift) and power back-up besides high-tech security features gives you a luxury feel

With well-being and surroundings of Sainikpuri is in itself a luxury that a home-buyer can gift to one’s family. Of course, the choice of whether to go for an independent bungalow or an ‘exclusive floor apartment’ lies with the home buyer!

Regardless of the choice of dwelling-unit, ensconced in the lap of mother-nature, living in Sainikpuri is in itself a luxury!

To quote Mark Twain- “Mere life is a luxury, and the colour of the grass, of the flowers, of the sky, the wind in the trees, the outlines of the horizon, the forms of clouds, all give a pleasure as exquisite as the sweetest music to the ear famishing for it.”


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