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Home Automation System: Controlling Your Home Remotely Even While You Are Away!

Home automation allows you the flexibility to travel with a free mind, with your ability to access and control your home remotely. You could go for holidays to the hills or the beachside, and still have a tab on what’s happening back home!

This means you could be gone for a vacation for weeks or even months with home automation at your service!

You can ensure that your property is safe even when you are thousands of kilometres away from your automated home.

Obtaining remote access through home automation is a sigh of relief indeed!

1. Smart access technology- controlling lighting, entertainment, climate and security of your home

smart access technology controls the home automation system
  • Helps manage home with ‘one tap’ using a device of your choice
  • Smart technology helps create the ideal environment to relax, to entertain guests, or even to work-from-home and study-from-home
  • Remote access allows control of your home lighting, gadgets, security and surveillance measures from anywhere in the world

2. What does ‘remote access technology’ do?

 use remotes to operate home automation system
  • By owning a smart home system, you can have all the controls using many methods
  • While you are at home, you can use remotes, in-wall touchscreen panels or keypads to operate home automation systems
  • Even mobile devices- your smartphone or your tablet- allows you to take complete control of your home
  • Using a mobile app, access to your entire automation system is possible. You can access the ‘control interface’ of your home automation through internet, regardless of where you are
  • Besides access to this interface, you can easily manage your home’s technology

3. Enhanced security measures

home automation system-enhances security
  • Even if you are in some other part of the world, your property stays safe with remote automation access
  • For example, you can simply turn-on your alarm and surveillance systems remotely to view live-feed through your security cameras. This live footage helps you lock the doors of your home with the bat of an eyelid
  • You can proactively act or even thwart attempts of intruders from getting inside your home
  • With home automation, you can even create a false impression, as if you are still at home. This can be done by setting your home automation system to turn-on your usual/daily lighting or shading usage patterns even when you are not at home!
  • By ‘mirroring’ your home lighting or other measures while you are away, the home appears to be occupied to anyone watching (or targeting). This way an intruder would assume someone is still inside your home, and not target your home

4. Secures peace of mind

  • Even if an intrusion occurs, you are better prepared since you will remain notified instantly about any unusual activity around your home
  • Quick response can be triggered by you with this ‘by the second’ notification system enabled on your home automation system
  • With your automation device, even other critical happenings like a water leak, or an in-house temperature fluctuation (drop or increase) can also be detected
  • Your home automation system notices, and keeps a watch on all such thresholds and keeps you informed
  • You instantly receive a ‘push notification’ on your smartphone to assess the situation at home, make changes or take necessary action
  • Anything goes wrong, or anything unusual happens- your get notified instantly!

With remote access to your home automation system, you enjoy unparalleled peace of mind. You feel safer about your property even while you are away! Being in control of knowing that your home is safe is a great relief!

“Every goal, every action, every thought, every feeling one experiences, whether it be consciously or unconsciously known, is an attempt to increase one’s level of peace of mind.”

– Sydney Madwed

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