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Home automation solutions can transform your 3 BHK or bigger flat in Hyderabad!

Home automation solutions can transform your 3 BHK or bigger flat in Hyderabad!

World over we see an increasing demand for smart homes. Smart homes simply mean that the ‘appliances or gadgets’ used in your home react automatically to the changing environmental conditions. Plus, you can manually control them through one common device. User controls can be placed in existing mobile phones or tablets inside the home. Control is enabled and communicated to the ‘microcontroller’ from the mobile device through a Bluetooth interface.

How does it work? Especially in 3 BHK flats

Home automation is based on computerized or automatic controls to the electrical and electronics system in your apartment. These controls could be related to various equipment which have to do with lighting, temperature control, microwave oven, mechanical devices like curtain-puller and so on.

A simple home automation system contains a mobile ‘host controller’ and many ‘client modules’ that are connected to the home appliances. The ‘client module’ communicates with the ‘host controllers’ through devices like Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones (android based), and helps you implement the command.


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  • Home automation offers convenience and luxury to your home. It is particularly handy for the disabled whose lives can be much more dependence free with automation solutions.
  • You daily routine can be simplified with Smarty Technology

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Ways in which your daily lifestyle is enhanced

  • Smart home automation makes you optimize of the time spent at home. With unparalleled convenience, some of the daily chores which eat into your productive time can be done with ease.
  • Home automation also means adding greater security features into your homes, with anti-theft devices that get turned-on upon detecting an unwanted entry into your home
  • Smart technologies can truly transform your life at home giving your family innovatively impressive lifestyle on a daily basis

1. Enriching lifestyle

Top 3 Benefits of Smart Home Automation in 3 BHK

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  • Home automation systems simplify our lives
  • Add convenience to our regular day to day routine, especially tasks that may not even have crossed our minds
  • For instance, various motorized things can be attached like shades or curtains that can be raised-up or lowered during different times of the day
  • Lighting and intensity of ‘illumination’ can be automatically altered as per the movement of the sing, and extent of sunlight
  • Thermostat driven automation can adjust your home temperature to your desired temperatures
  • With a simple press of a button, you can make changes or even update the settings as per your preferences
  • For instance, ensuring that as soon as you step out of the house, all the electrical points illuminating your home are turned-off automatically with the help of ‘sensors’
  • Another example is to bring down the ‘blackout curtains’ when you are watching a movie or while relaxing (or taking a nap) when the sun shines in all its glory
  • Smart solutions make your day more convenient, and also enhance the moods and surroundings depending on the ‘specific situations’ you are in
  • Simultaneously, smart automation solutions also help reduce electricity consumption, especially when they are programmed to turn-off the gadgets when not in use, and as programmed. This results in reduced monthly bills!

Mood and situation enhancing capability


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  • Your entertainment rooms can be made to enhance the experience as per your needs, be it  means the ability to liven up any moment at home
  • It can range from watching your preferred TV show with the press of a button, with the experience following you from room to room, be it in your bedroom, your living room or even the kitchen
  • Automation is not restricted to just audio-video distribution! You could automate things as per your preferences and desires. You could tailor make the experience, and move around freely in your home without missing a song, podcast, move-line or just about anything that interests you
  • This variety could range from music to enliven the moods of your dinner party, watching a family-themed move during a pleasant social evening etc. All this can be done by just punching a few buttons from a console or a mobile device

Safety and security for your family


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  • This is perhaps the most critical feature of a complete home-smart automation system
  • It provides you with home security and much needed surveillance to keep your family safe
  • A good home automation system with security features means you get complete peace of mind, both while you are living in your home or away from it
  • Automation is increasing being done even at entrance gates and doors to allow people from entering only after their identity has been verified
  • You can check what’s happening at your home through video surveillance using your smartphone
  • Whether it’s your property perimeter, or your video doorbell, you have ample of choices for enhanced security from visitors who wish you gain access to your home
  • With home security options, you can have a sound sleep even while you are on vacation
  • Home automation gives you complete control of your home, and helps integrate your ‘security system’ with all other household items viz. lighting, curtains, accessories, electrical/electronics devices and shading etc.
  • By simply choosing the ‘we are away’ setting, this feature gets activated, and your lighting fixtures, motorized elements of your household items and all the other gadgets etc. could either work or get switched-off as per your desires
  • You could even tune your home to operate to TRICK the thieves/burglars into believing that you are home. Thus, preventing break-ins

Smart home automation is entering Hyderabad much faster than we can imagine. It is a lifestyle transforming experience! With the most relevant solutions, we can enjoy the benefits of a well-designed smart home system!


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