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7 key drivers of a good neighbourhood in Hyderabad to buy your 3 BHK apartment

7 key drivers of a good neighbourhood in Hyderabad to buy your 3 BHK apartment

Wanting to buy a dream home in a dream location is sometimes not as easy as it seems, especially in Hyderabad. The kind of neighbourhood you wish for choose depends on your current priorities and future aspirations. Focus has to be on your family needs.

It is often confusing determining the place you love, especially, when you apply the filter of ‘what a good neighbourhood means to you’.

It poses a bigger dilemma for those who are caught-up between the two choices indicated below-

Desire: wish to move up the social ladder, and want to living in more progressive, quieter, or more socially-upward localities

Dilemma: yet not willing to let go on their roots, their existing home, friends & family where they may have spent their childhood.

Hence, what makes a good neighbourhood is relative, yet, for the sake of simplicity, let’s consider the following elements-

1. Gentry

7 key drivers of a good neighbourhood to buy  a 3 BHK apartment.| Gentry
  • The kind of people living around your area, their vocation, their educational background, their taste, their behaviour & conduct- all these things matter, although no one wants to talk about their importance
  • The place being upcoming or saturated, new construction happening or not are also factors to be considered

2. Social infrastructure

7 key drivers of a good neighbourhood to buy a 3 BHK apartment.| Social infrastructure
  • Social infrastructure stands for all the factors needed for a good living
  • In Hyderabad, there are over 2 dozen micro markets, and social infrastructure if wide spread, however, it needs to be to your aspirations
  • For instance, those looking at high-end schools, eateries, micro-breweries etc. would do better in choosing a location that’s closer to IT Hub Jubilee Hills, Nallagandla, Madhapur etc.
  • Similarly, those looking at serene areas with a lot of greenery, supermarkets, stores, medical facilities, and gentry like ex-armed forces, government officers etc. could do well with the Sainikpuri-Yapral belt
  • With Hyderabad developing on micro-markets, other elements like shopping centres, groceries, hardware, electrical, eateries, branded showrooms, health care institutions, education centres, public transport, police etc. are present virtually in all the micro-markets within Hyderabad
  • It is the specific needs of individuals that make a difference to the choice of an ideal location

3. Civic amenities

7 key drivers of a good neighbourhood to buy a 3 BHK apartment. | Civic amenities
  • Civic amenities provided by GHMC are standard, and will only get better with time
  • The only thing you need to look at it the proximity factor, and your preferences

4. Accessibility and commute

7 key drivers of a good neighbourhood to buy a 3 BHK apartment.| Accessibility and commute
  • Neighbourhood also has to do with ease of commute
  • While traffic woes are rampant, and the civic administration is making efforts, you need to be practical about how easily accessible your location is, within the micro-market, the quality of roads, the ease of drive in and out of the chosen location
  • Also, the distance to the places of work, school and other needs of all your family member

5. Lifestyle quotient & social status

7 key drivers of a good neighbourhood to buy a 3 BHK apartment.| Lifestyle quotient & social status
  • Your social status and lifestyle quotient needs to resonate with the neighbourhood or location of your aspiration
  • For instance, you may have someone continuing to live in their existing place of childhood despite having the financial capability to move to more posh localities. Alternatively, there are people who like to showcase moving up the social ladder, and abandon their old homes in favour of more vibrant localities

6. Greenery, parks, open-spaces for 3 BHK apartment

Greenery, parks, open spaces for 3 BHK apartment
  • The growth of Hyderabad has not been very organised, and the population of the city has grown from about 25 lakh people in the 1970s to more than 80 lakh in the recent time
  • Hence, the greenery, open spaces, etc. are also limited considering the old town-planning merging with newer plans
  • Newer localities are obviously better planned and have more spaces
  • Also, there are certain old localities like Sainikpuri, and Yapral, which took the lead to retain the spaciousness and better-planned colonies as early as the 1980s

7. Employment, shopping, eating, and educational avenues

7 key drivers of a good neighbourhood to buy  a 3 BHK apartment. | Shopping avenue
  • A good neighbourhood could also be determined by your immediate and future needs
  • It is always a good idea to avoid being on the roads for too long be it work, shopping, eating, or for attending school/colleges
  • A good neighbourhood offers you the convenience of all these being in close vicinity

Eventually, it’s all about finding the right balance on what you and your family would be comfortable with. So, there is no right or wrong location to buy your 3 BHK or a bigger apartment in Hyderabad, since it is a matter of choice.

In a lighter vein- You can take the guy out of the neighbourhood but you can’t take the neighbourhood out of the guy.

– Frankie Valli

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