5 undeniable reasons why a so-called ‘good location’ may actually not be worth it! – A perspective for 3 BHK home buyers in Hyderabad

Being over-obsessed with a location in a city like Hyderabad can sometimes result in a home buyer making a wrong choice of their 2 or 3 BHK apartment.

At times, people forego a bigger apartment for the lure of a perceived ‘better location’. The builders create a hype due to a self-proclaimed superiority on location due to close proximity to the main road etc. These builders simply quote location for their high rates per square foot.

A good location- perception vs. reality while buying your 3 BHK flat in Hyderabad


This perception of a ‘good location’ may actually turn out to be a not-so-impressive deal in the long run.

Let’s understand this with an example-

For instance, if an apartment in Hyderabad in any locality near the main road costs Rs 5000 per sft, the rate of an apartment of similar specifications could be hovering around Rs 4200 per sft.

Mathematically, if you are planning on spending Rs 70 lakhs on a 3 BHK apartment, the flat you will buy in both locations in the same locality would be-

Option 1- So-called good location (closer to main road) = 1400 sft at Rs 5000 per sft

Option 2- An inside location (2 or 3 km away from the main road) = 1665 sft at Rs 4200 per sft

Result worth noting & thinking– Option 2 gives you an additional 265 sft or space inside your apartment at the same price!

Here are 5 reasons why a so-called ‘good location’ may actually NOT be worth it-

1. Excessive disturbance of traffic

  • Closer to main road means that with every passing air, you get to breathe more carbon monoxide and other pollutants that these vehicles will emanate
  • The noise pollution will also make things worse
  • As you age, living will get more and more difficult giving rise to health issues

2. High density of population

  • The pandemic has clearly taught us to choose an area that’s less populated
  • Lesser the people around you, the healthier you will be
  • High density population will only make you more susceptible to diseases and microbes

3. Air pollution

  • The lungs need better air as you grow old
  • The pollutants bring with them dust and host of other problems
  • The so-called good-location gives you a smaller home for the price you are paying, and what you get as a bonus is poor air-quality
  • These are times of better ventilation, fresh air, and clean air. Ask yourself: “In these times, does it really make sense to pay for poor quality of air?”

4. Lesser space inside, more costly

  • The example above shows that while opting for a good-location today may seem like a boo, but 5 or 10 years down the lane, it may turn into a bane
  • You are paying for the location and compromising on the extra 200 or 300 sft of area, should you choose to move into a slightly interior location i.e. about 2 – 3 Kms from main road of a certain locality in Hyderabad

5. Cramped-up building, poor living experience

  • Clearly, the land in such so-called ‘good locations’ are expensive, and the apartments that come-up would NOT give you a spacious feel because any attempt to give you more space would mean wastage of land
  • The result is a poor living experience as time goes by

At the same time, both locations are in close proximity to all the thinkable social infrastructure. The only advantage of the so-called good-location (bang on the main road etc.) is superior convenience to the markets etc. The question is: Is that advantage really worth foregoing a bigger more spacious house that is far more peaceful?

“To create an extraordinary quality of life, you must create a vision that’s not only obtainable, but that is sustainable.”

Tony Robbins

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