Future of 3 BHK flat in Hyderabad

Future of 3 BHK or bigger flats in Hyderabad- technology enabled homes!

Smart technology solutions are making inroads far more rapidly than we think. In a post-pandemic world, the thrust on enhanced lifestyle is being enabled by technology.

Be it clubhouses, security systems, human interactions, walking, and other open-space, technology is being used in all the design elements of a residential unit. The case in Hyderabad is no different. For an optimum experience, it is advisable to opt for a 3 BHK or bigger unit, where technology can be used more efficiently for a superior living experience!

Homebuyers need modern club-houses that are both ‘pandemicready’ as well as ‘luxurious’ offering a superior living experience. The spaces need to cater to social-distancing norms as well as give the thrill of. The ventilation and air-conditioning spaces also need better technology to make living safe.

Role of technology in the homes of future! Especially if you are looking for 3 BHK flat

  • Smart automation systems integrated within the home spaces give you greater convenience and comfort
    • Smart home technology enables enhanced security systems using advanced cameras, motion sensors
    • Smart homes are always more convenient as compared with regular residences
    • Automation technology makes life easier for its residents besides being CONTACTLESS
    • Technology gives you improved value of your home
    • Homebuyers would be willing to pay for these add-ons since you get advanced features such as climate control, customized entertainment experience, smarter safety & security, and much more
    • Automated home systems are energy and money saving
    • Being customizable, smart home programs can be tailored to users’ requirement to an extent
    • Smart home systems are easy to install devices that can be easily installed in standalone or mobile phone devices too
Home Automation Using Arduino – Arduino DIY Project

[Source- https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/jithinsanal1610/home-automation-using-arduino-arduino-diy-project-6c03ba ]

  • The application of technology will play a role in securing better coordinated and well-managed social distancing norms. Superior security systems, technology-enabled ‘advance-booking provisions’ of common areas or facilities (like Gym, club-house, spas etc.) well in advance will help avoid unnecessary human interaction
  • Technology will drive better traffic flow management in common areas/elevators. Smart transport systems would be able to detect free parking spaces, monitor the ‘safety of children’ playing. Management of vehicular traffic inside the building complex would also be better regulated with superior design and technology
Boom barrier security with NoBrokerHood

[Source- https://www.nobrokerhood.com/blog/how-boom-barrier-integration-contributes-to-safety-of-the-apartment/ ]

  • Ventilation will be one area that will need a huge fillip. Effective ‘microbe containment’ technology will ensure that flow of air circulation across the buildings, and within the same floor is optimum

[Source- https://www.idealhomes.com/blog/fresh-air-ventilation-system-and-a-healthy-home ]

Buildings will be both ‘facility and amenities rich’, as well as ‘pandemic ready’ offering better physical safety from diseases, cleaner air, better ventilation. Technology will be used for overall protection from all kinds of microbes, pests, and rodents

Impact of technology to create interactive interfaces between residents, and the buildings would differentiate the offerings of competing builders

The real estate sector, which is known to be technology-averse, is now more than ready to deploy technology solutions to optimize ‘resident safety with an aim of giving a safer and more convenient living experience.

This demand has been spurred by the needs of homebuyers who are open to differentiated residential offerings that offer luxury and safety-related functionalities enabled by technology!


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