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Would you be getting the most out of buying a 3BHK ‘independent floor’ flat In Hyderabad?

In a post-pandemic era, our world-view and expectations about the home we want to buy for ourselves has changed.

As home buyers, we need to ask ourselves- ‘What kind of home do I really need with my changed needs & priorities? With a choice between a ‘regular apartment’, versus an ‘exclusive floor residence’, which one serves my needs better? What are the critical needs of my family? Will my family remain happy in the home I am buying?’

flat in hyderabad

Should your budget be upwards of Rs 1.3 crore, and if you are looking at spacious homes, then the sensible choice would be an ‘exclusive floor’ where you own the entire floor.

These ‘one apartment per floor’ homes are built in small plots of approximately 400 square yards to 700 square yards. With GHMC granting permission only for ‘5 floors’ for this kind of configuration, you end up having 5 storeys with 5 families. Plus, the basement give you enough space for parking.

With critical amenities like lift (elevator), and power back-up (Diesel gen-set), a budget upwards of Rs 1.3 crore can give an uber living experience in such ‘independent floor’ apartments!

9 key areas that help you get the most out of your ‘one apartment per floor’ residences

1. At-work and for-study spaces for adults and children

  • ‘At-home’ work and study spaces need to be high in utility and functionality. ‘One apartment per floor’ offers just that with spaces upwards of 2200 sft
  • Working adults and their children need their work/study spaces that are bereft of distractions of the household
  • With spacious ‘exclusive floors’, well-planned architectural designs to create separate these spaces becomes that much more easier
  • Architects and builders are able to incorporate provision of effective and efficient work-spaces in the bedroom, study room, living room etc.
  • Children get better spaces to attend school on-line. Their bedroom and study-spaces can be made comfortable in ‘exclusive floor’ residences

2. Fitness spaces

  • Restricted physical movement can be avoided by creating separate space for work-outs viz. yoga, mini-gym, tread-mill etc.
  • The challenge of a forced sedentary life-style can be met effectively with spacious ‘exclusive floor’ where you have the entire floor to yourself to walk around and stretch your legs

3. Provision for superior interiors

  • With ‘exclusive floors’ interiors of the home can be upgraded, and the all the rooms can give you more space and more floor-area
  • For instance, living room can be upgraded or made flexible with a well-designed and optimized family-space
  • With more carpet-area, you could do a lot more in an exclusive floor unit like playing carom board, cards, table tennis, or other technology-enabled games etc.

4. Well lit-up spaces

  • With all four sides open in a ‘one apartment per floor unit’ you can have adequate natural light. Plus, electrical lighting can be innovatively provided for in these luxurious residences making them truly discerning
  • Design elements can be made completely as per Vastu shastra for over-all mental and physical health of the family with an ‘excusive floor’ residence. This can happen because all four sides are open just like an independent bungalow constructed on a residential plot
  • Electric lighting in kitchen, bed, bath, utility room etc. or even the false ceiling can further enhance the illumination all around to accentuate the luxury element

5. Convenience of car parking

  • With just ‘five homes’ in the standalone building, you get your own dedicated parking slots that are much more convenient as compared to regular apartments
  • Plus, with the ground floor reserved for parking, you don’t have to worry about parking your car outside the compound of the building

6. Priority to ‘more indoor spaces’

  • With ‘one apartment per floor’ residences, you have adequate areas (corridors & balconies) to walk in and around your home, while being worry-free about factors like social distance
  • This way you do not have to remain restricted inside the home and feel stifled

7. Semi-open kitchen, spacious Utility

  • The ‘exclusive floor’ kitchens are usually semi-open and much more spacious since the super-area can be upwards of 2200 sft
  • These ‘spacious homes’ offer scope to have a well-planned ‘utility room’ to cater to your laundry needs, for storing all-season clothing, and for stocking kitchen-related items such as food, beverages, utensils, equipment, gadgets, appliances and so on

8. Healthy air ventilation and purification systems

  • Since the budgetary constraints are minimal for this segment of buyers, you can additionally incorporate air-cleaning systems like HVAC systems, air-conditioning air-purification devices and well-designed ventilation systems
  • This can be done far more effectively even in the common areas like elevators (lifts), corridors. This is because, it is NOT occupied with too many occupants/neighbours on the same floor
  • With a good ventilation you can keep microbes, pests etc. at bay

9. Lifestyle enhancing elements to match the luxury aspirations

  • ‘One apartment per floor’ homes are luxury units, and can be made even more pleasurable with mood-enhancing textures, paints, walls, accessories, fittings etc.
  • Since the buyer segment of ‘exclusive floors’ look for lifestyle, additions can be made in the form of an open-kitchen, beautiful doors/windows, tiles, sanitary/electrical/plumbing accessories & fittings and much more

As a home buyer of an ‘exclusive and independent floor’ in Hyderabad, you virtually live in a ‘sky villa’ of your own that gives you unparalleled privacy, as well as uninterrupted views of the skyline around you!

An exclusive floor home soothes your senses at all times and gives you much more than what you can expect in regular cluster apartments.


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