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3BHK ‘exclusive floor apartments’ in SAINIKPURI costing approximately Rs 1.5 crore being preferred over independent bungalows!

An independent bungalow in Sainikpuri spread over 400 square yards of residential plot, and approximately 2300sft in the built-up area could cost over Rs 3 crore.

On the other hand, an ‘independent floor apartment’ costs almost half of that price at approximately Rs 1.5 crore including registration.

1. What makes an independent floor unit attractive?

  • In terms of super-area, you get the same area- 2300 sft or more
  • The sense of spaciousness is same, and in fact is better when you opt for an apartment since you are at a height (anywhere between 1st to 5th floor), with better visibility of the skyline of Sainikpuri
  • With balconies around your independent-home apartment, you get a better sense of SPACIOUSNESS
  • With direct access to your floor via elevator (lift), you get a superior feel of luxury
  • Access to power back-up option makes it attractive, which is to be paid for separately in case of an independent bungalow
  • Better affordability of relevant amenities: The COLLECTIVE power of 5 families living together makes it easier to manage and afford amenities like elevator, power back-up, security, well-managed security system (guards), water and electricity arrangements…and much more
exclusive floor apartments

No wonder, the Rs 1.5 crore ONE APARTMENT PER FLOOR 3 BHK units (2200 sft or more) in Sainikpuri, Hyderabad are now receiving lot of attention from home buyers!

2. Is an ‘independent bungalow’ option in Sainikpuri losing its appeal to those seeking MORE VALUE-FOR-MONEY?

The answer is a BIG YES!!

There is a segment of home-buyers who want ‘same for much less’. This segment knows that it’s eventually the home that you live-in, and it the SPACE INSIDE THE HOUSE THAT MATTERS!

The ‘one apartment per floor’ homes are constructed on plots admeasuring 400 to 700 square yards, where you have a 5-storey building with 5 homes. Each home on each floor is owned by ONE FAMILY. This caters to the most important factor of PRIVACY and Vastu-compliant spaces which are 100% available to ONE FAMILY- just like an independent bungalow!

Not having to spend more on buying a residential plot, and then constructing an independent bungalow becomes suddenly sensible with these ‘ONE APARTMENT PER FLOOR’ options available in Sainikpuri, Yapral belt.

3. What do VALUE-FOR-MONEY-CONSCIOUS & LUXURY-CONSCIOUS home buyers gain out of an ‘exclusive-floor’ in SAINIKPURI?

These home-buyers know that ‘independent floor units’ are big apartments where you OWN THE ENTIRE FLOOR, and you have NO neighbours on the same floor.

Many home buyers with a budget of up to Rs 1.5 crore are considering OWNING A BIGGER HOME upwards of 2200 square feet in Sainikpuri.

Plus, these home buyers want a ‘low-population density’ locality. Being less crowded is something that’s uniquely attractive about SAINIKPURI in Hyderabad!

An ‘exclusive floor apartment’ in Sainikpuri gives the following to a potential home-buyer:

  • a ‘one apartment per floor’ residence crafted by a professional builder with super structure, high-end specifications, and professional construction-rigour
  • a good location in a low-density area with access to reliable social infrastructure
  • more space, more privacy, and relevant amenities even if price-point that’s much lower than the cost of an independent bungalow
  • superior ventilation, more natural light, pandemic-ready architecture that is Vastu compliant
  • exclusive spaces for fitness, and socialize
  • lesser visitor influx, and sense of exclusivity with lesser number of families residing in a building
  • direct access to spacious lifts being used by very few people
  • efficient floor-designs, work-from-home and study-from-home spaces inside the apartment
  • higher social status and upgraded lifestyle by residing in the stunning green-cover of Sainikpuri
  • the assurance of healthy ‘return on investment’ by owning a property located in SAINIKPURI

These expectations give a clear picture of the changing needs of home buyers who seek a sense of spaciousness, greater social connect, a superior lifestyle quotient, and discernible luxury for their family!

All this is possible with ‘exclusive floor apartments’ being offered at a compelling price-point of less than Rs 1.8 crore in the posh locality of Sainikpuri!

Value for money scores a major point with ‘one apartment per floor’ residential offerings in Sainikpuri, Hyderabad.

To quote Jennifer Lawrence- “I was raised to have value for money, to have respect for money, even though you have a lot of it.”


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