Enviable PRIVACY- the biggest perk of owning the entire floor of your 3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad

Enviable PRIVACY- the biggest perk of owning the entire floor of your 3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad!

Privacy is perhaps one the biggest reward why homebuyers in Hyderabad are opting for ‘one 3 BHK apartment per floor’ concept residences. These homes come with added amenities like exclusive access to your floor with an elevator (lift), and ground floor reserved for spacious parking slots!

This further adds to giving you the PRIVACY that you so long for!

With high-end specifications, these ‘one apartment per floor’ homes are turning into luxurious PRIVATE SPACES where families are able to stay aloof from the world outside.

The biggest perk of owning the entire floor of your 3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad!

While spending time with your family in your EXCLUSIVE independent floor, you don’t have to worry about neighbors, the tall towers in the surroundings, or being disturbed by visitors.

These independent floor apartments cost between Rs 1.3 Crore to Rs 2.5 Crores for a 2300 to 3000 sft 3 BHK in localities like Sainikpuri and Yapral. Besides moving you up the social ladder, these private homes make sure your privacy is not invaded as it happens in regular cluster-living 3BHK apartments with 3 to 4 families sharing the same floor and bumping into one another over a dozen times each day!

5 key benefits of PRIVACY that come with ‘owning the entire floor’-

1. Freedom to make more noise, live free, live unrestricted

  • In regular cluster-living 3BHK apartments you are always worried about your immediate neighbours on the same floor
  • The family members cannot express themselves, talk loud, have arguments freely, express laughter loudly and freely, engage with one another without worrying about the sound going out to the neighbours
  • You get an unrestricted license to lead your life when you own the entire floor
  • This gives you a stress-free environment where grief as well as joy can be expressed freely

2. No extra precautions since NO immediate neighbours on the same floor to worry about coupled with HIGHER SENSE OF SECURITY

3 BHK Apartment with higher sense of security

You have to take extra precautions with more visitors coming on your floor in a regular 3 BHK apartment, since you don’t know all those who enter a regular 3 BHK apartment floor. You cannot leave your doors open, and move around freely

However, the case is different with your own independent floor. With guards manning the entrance, you can freely keep the doors open

The moment you arrive on your own floor, you know that you have arrived home. You don’t have to worry about making your way through the corridors with the watchful eyes of neighbours, or their children playing in the corridors

You own exclusive floor gives you a sense of unmatched FREEDOM that’s akin to owning a villa

3. Able to keep doors, windows and balconies open in all four directions in your own independent floor

This also leads to better cross-ventilation, better sunlight 

The infestation of harmful bacteria and viruses are also contained with all four sides available to you

Vastu is at play in homes where you have clear views of the skies from all four corners of the home

4. Entertaining guests & family with ease, and NOT worrying about being watched by neighbours on the floor, and the adjoining towers

This is a huge respite with owning you own complete floor

Not worrying about the neighbours watching, and having more privacy inside your home is a thrill that’s unparalleled that comes with ‘one 3 BHK apartment per floor’ ownership

You are completely at ease while entertaining guests, hosting parties of functions with the entire floor at your disposal

5. Family members physical and mental health is better with added privacy that comes with owning the entire floor !

Mental and physical health is enhanced in your own exclusive, independent floor

An independent floor usually measure over 2200 sft. This means the house is big enough to allow privacy for elders, youngsters and the teenagers 

With larger bedrooms, balconies, a living room, a big kitchen and hall, you have enough space to feel at ease

More space in itself means more privacy even for members of the family

” I give the fight up: let there be an end, privacy, an obscure nook for me. I want to be forgotten even by God. “

– Robert Brown

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