Now we are slowly moving into the age of electric vehicles. Though to some, it’s not great news, the change is inevitable. We are providing charging sockets for the future electric vehicles in the parking spots of our buildings.

We wanted to walk through those sockets, as charging an electric vehicle, there are connectors that you plug your charging cable into on the vehicle and many times, to the chargepoint itself.

The type of connector varies based on two parameters, the vehicle and the power rating of the chargepoint.

Slow & Fast Charger

Alternating Current (AC)

This is typically used for emergency top-up or charging at home, work and destinations, there is technically only one kind of chargepoint socket, though some might occasionally use a traditional 3-pin plug as an emergency backup as well.

The socket is universal across all electric ranges and can be thought of in a similar way to the USB socket for charging iPhones or Android phones. Basically, the socket is the same for each, but the cable is specific to the car type. 

Rapid Chargers

Direct Current (DC)

All DC units have tethered types of cables that match the car-side connectors, so there are no chargepoint-side DC sockets.

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