Different types of split system ACs explained- exclusively for home buyers in India!

Different types of split system ACs explained- exclusively for homebuyers in India!

As a home buyer, we are required to install an air conditioning unit before we move into our new home. Doing so prior to moving in gives you better flexibility and a superior outcome on both aesthetics and functionality.

The best part is that your family moves into a home that becomes immediately more welcoming and pleasant, especially, during summertime!

types of split system ACs

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Basically, air-conditioning is all about simultaneous control of temperature, humidity, air motion, and cleanliness!

Here, we shall talk about split system ACs.

  • The first thing is brand. It is always good to go for an established brand so that you have surety of service in the times to come.
  • Besides, established brands like Hitachi, Daikin, Samsung, LG, Bluestar, Voltas, Whirlpool, Carrier, Lloyd and many more are continually investing in research to provide the best and latest technology.
  • A good brand always remains ahead of the curve. These companies offer better quality products that look and perform optimally. The price of split ACs depend on the brand and their technical features
The price of split system ACs

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Types of split system ACs in India:

Wall Mounted

Daikin Wall Mounted 1.5HP Standard (Non-Inverter) FTNE35AXVL | split system AC

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Split  system ACs |  LG Levant

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  • These are most popular range of split ACs
  • Indoor unit placed inside the room, outdoor unit needs to be placed in the space provided by the builder
  • At times, you find outdoor units hanging on the walls with the help of brackets
  • A few builders make sure to provision for spaces that don’t interfere with the exteriors (aesthetics) of the building
  • Wall mounted split sytem ACs suitable for smaller rooms (less than 200 sft)

Floor Mounted

Floor Standing | split system AC | LG Global

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Samsung brings Q9000 Standing split system AC

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Samsung Q9000| split system AC

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  • Vertical or tower split AC
  • Suitable for rooms where you cannot mount ACs on the wall
  • More expensive compared to wall-mounted ACs

Ceiling Mounted

Commercial air conditioners | Hitachi AC|split system AC

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Ceiling Mounted Cassette | HVAC | Split system AC| LG Global

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  • Also called cassette type ACs or concealed ceiling ACs
  • More expensive that wall-mounted ACs
  • Aesthetically beautiful, and integrate well with false ceiling
  • Excellent in living room, dining room or large open spaces

Multi Split-ACs

Split system AC

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Multi-Split System AC

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Multi-Split system AC |Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

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  • Connected to one outdoor unit
  • Indoor units used individually
  • The capacity of AC is divided
  • Condenser and fan of outdoor unit regulated based on signals from indoor units inside
  • Multi-split has several indoor units
  • Allows easy air conditioning zoning
  • A homeowner is able to adjust the temperature in different rooms
  • Suits the needs of different members of the family
  • You can turn off cooling entirely in an unused space
  • Saving power is possible

Cooling Capacity

Best Split system AC In [March 2022] India -reviews

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  • One ton of AC equals 12,000 BTU per hour
  • Cooling depends on average temperature of room, number of people in room, exposure to sunlight

Energy Efficiency Rating (EER)

Split system AC with a higher EER may be more costly, but saves money in the long run

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  • The ratio of an ACs cooling capacity to its power consumption is the unit’s EER
  • Higher the EER, the better
  • An AC with a higher EER may be more costly, but saves money in the long run
Split system AC selection: understand Tonnage, EER, COP and Star Rating :  Bijli Bachao

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With these basics, you can avoid dilemmas, and choose the right type of split air conditioner for your dream home!

“When you cannot make up your mind which of two evenly balanced courses of action you should take, choose the bolder.” 

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