Localities like Sainikpuri and Yapral take the centre stage for homebuyers of 2BHK and 3BHK flats in Hyderabad!

Localities like Sainikpuri and Yapral take the centre stage for homebuyers of 2BHK and 3BHK flats in Hyderabad!

Peripheral areas in North East Hyderabad like Sainikpuri and Yapral are taking the centre stage since the onset of the pandemic. Bigger, open, greener, and affordable spaces in Sainikpuri and Yapral make them extremely attractive to homebuyers in Hyderabad.

Besides, the localities of Sainikpuri and Yapral have always given the feel of living well within the city, yet away from it!

Even today, you can hear the birds chirping in the morning as you wake up to a fresh day at Sainikpuri or Yapral.

Here’s why Sainikpuri and Yapral have evolved as one of the most preferred peripheral areas to live in-

Priority of being ‘closer to office’ replaced by being ‘closer to nature’ and ‘away from crowd’ with more affordable options in Sainikpuri & Yapral

  • With lesser amount of money, you can own bigger and better spaces in Sainikpuri and Yapral
  • For instance, instead of buying a small 3 BHK for approximately Rs 1.3 crore in Gachibowli, a Hi-tech city or other Western corridor areas, you can actually buy a spacious 2200 sft ‘builder floor’ in Sainikpuri or Yapral with direct elevator access to your exclusive-floor
  • With work from home options, you are more productive in an area that’s comparatively more silent
  • With an array of standalone building apartments, you get affordable homes for Rs 5000 per sft
  • Even luxurious options like exclusive builder floors are available in Sainikpuri/Yapral at Rs 5500 to Rs 7000 per sft, where you own the entire floor, with all sides open. They come with high-end specifications including elevator access, parking, and power back-up (Genset)

Demand for homes in micro-markets around Sainikpuri and Yapral fuelling growth in social and public infrastructure

  • The public and social infrastructure are getting better by the day!
  • You see the government authorities investing in newly constructed roads. On-going repairs and widening of roads, and beautification drives by GHMC is a common occurring in Sainikpuri and Yapral
  • Investors and small businesses are continuing to open in this area- be it shops, exclusive stores, healthcare options, entertainment hubs, fitness studios/gyms, or educational institutions
  • The face of Sainikpuri and Yapral are continually changing every 6 months
  • With many eateries, cafes, and restaurants, the place has become a preferred hangout favorite among the young and mature crowd alike

Homebuyers flocking Sainikpuri and Yapral areas due to ‘Work from home’ and ‘e-schooling options’

  • Better and soothing environs allow you to work and study better
  • Working from home in a place surrounded by greenery and chirping birds is better than being in an overwhelming concrete jungle, and excessive noise pollution due to overbearing traffic
  • The area remains relatively pollution-free and quaint
  • This allows a very soothing and relaxing environment for the residents
  • Plus, even if you have to step out of your home in Sainikpuri and Yapral for daily needs like groceries, a walk, etc., you don’t have to fret as much

Bigger, open, and greener spaces are particularly attractive about Sainikpuri and Yapral

  • The colonies have the Army cantonment like flavor
  • The surroundings in and around Sainikpuri naturally draw inspiration from the existing spaces of the Armed Forces colonies like Sainikpuri and Vayupuri societies which existing since 1970s
  • The manicured garden by GHMC in Sainikpuri is a huge relief and a joy to visit
  • Kapra lake adds to the beauty of this locality
  • Plus, the green cover in this area will always remain intact thanks to the Army installations like EME Centre, MCEME, and College of Defence Management (CDM)
  • New tree saplings are being continually planted and watered by the civic authorities to increase, retain and sustain the green cover

Sainikpuri, Yapral saw a surge in construction activity and new projects in the standalone building segment from 2020 onwards

  • Out of the total 30000+ new projects in Hyderabad in 2021, over 40% have been constructed in peripheral areas that are away from the IT corridor around the hi-tech city
  • Naturally, Sainikpuri and Yapral saw many professionals including those working in the Western corridor calling Sainikpuri and Yapral their home

ORR helped hassle-free travel across the city from Sainikpuri and Yapral localities

  • ORR made travel easy and hassle-free to different parts of the city
  • With the Metro rail, the city is becoming well connected
  • GHMC and State authorities are continually working on many under-passes and fly-over to decongest the traffic in the city, which again goes in favor of Sainikpuri and Yapral locality

No wonder, choosing to live in Sainikpuri and Yapral is akin to choosing a better life, good health and wellness- all rolled into one! Being close to nature has its rewards!!

“Now I see the secret of making the best person, it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.”

– Walt Whitman


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