Standalone building in the Sainikpuri location really worth it.

Is a 3 BHK flat in a ‘standalone building’ in Sainikpuri location really worth it?

Sainikpuri locality extending right through to Yapral offers a refreshingly well-designed array of 3 BHK flats to home buyers in Secunderabad/Hyderabad.

The options of large gated community towers/flats in Sainikpuri are not possible here simply because the entire residential area is already full of small-sized plots (less than 1500 square yards) initially designed for individual bungalow living. The locality around Sainikpuri has no large land parcels running more than 5 acres in area.

This is why standalone buildings in a 5-storey configuration are cropping up in an extremely innovative fashion in this beautiful locality!

Standalone buildings in a 5-storey configuration are cropping up in an extremely innovative fashion in this beautiful sainikpuri locality!

Thus, this article is meant for those wondering whether or not to own a piece of a ‘standalone building apartment’ in the Sainikpuri location. By the end of the article, you will get all the right reasons why a standalone building apartment could be a very pragmatic, blissful and, perhaps, the right choice for you!

1. Do ‘standalone buildings’ cater to the needs of types of customers?

Yes it does! The options available beautifully cater to the 3 broad customer segments: low-budget, mid-economy and high-end luxury.

In Sainikpuri locality, you get to choose terrific apartment options serving varying needs in the ‘Standalone building apartment’! You could be looking at a varying mix of luxury, budget and space/sizes- you name it and it’s there!

The demand for standalone building apartments has been growing steadily and exponentially in the Sainikpuri location since 2010, and ever since the formation of Telangana, the growth has been even more steady!

These apartments cater to all segments of customers viz.

  1. up to Rs 80 lac segment,
  2. between Rs 80 lacs to Rs 1.3 crore segment, and
  3. above Rs 1.3 crore segment

The apartments could range from 1200 sft to over 2400 sft. Obviously, depending upon the size (in sft), specifications, construction-quality, amenities and location you could get a variety of pricing options to choose from!

In terms of variety, apartments being offered in the Standalone building segment in Sainikpuri are second to none! You need to visit the locality to see for yourself how some projects in Sainikpuri are packed with all the luxuries you need for a superior lifestyle!

The features and specifications may vary depending upon on the specifications and the budget that goes with it.

Some projects in Sainikpuri are so stunning that many home buyers who are initially inclined to buy a gated-community apartment are quick to change their mind in favour for a more functional, gorgeous and superior standalone building apartment in the Sainikpuri location.

Besides this, the ever evolving social infrastructure of Sainikpuri is truly enticing!

Tamanna Greens Dhara enclave

2. Do builders of standalone buildings understand the upmarket trends?

The answer is a BIG YES! The builders making standalone buildings are cognisant of providing luxury & amenities at attractive and affordable price points.

Some of the Standalone building projects in Sainikpuri are so beautiful that they actually mirror the expectations of high-end upper crest lifestyle today’s home buyer is looking for!

Being built on smaller size plots less than 1500 square yards, the standalone buildings are innovative in offering on relevant common amenities like high-speed elevators, dedicated parking, spacious stairs, good landscaping in the open spaces, power backup, well-connected and sufficient water supply and impressive exteriors/interiors of the entire building.

Besides, living in Sainikpuri in itself gives a premium feel that may not come easy even in a gated-community complex. The entire locality around Sainikpuri feels like a self-sufficient township. The serene and blissful environs of Sainikpuri evoke a deep sense of inner satisfaction and contentment that’s rare!

3. What makes a standalone building in the Sainikpuri location really worth it?

  • Good social connect within the standalone building apartments. In a single standalone building, you develop a better rapport and connect with your neighbours. Goes without saying that if you are living in a 1700 sft apartment on a 1000 square yard plot, you would have no more than 15 to 20 families residing inside the complex who you meet on and off. Socializing and celebrations are given when you live together as a well-knit community.
  • Security & safety systems in standalone buildings are as good as gated community, and security guards know the residents better because of the small size of the building.
  • You can expect best-in-class construction quality along with high quality elevators, parking within the plot (basement or ground floor) and even power backup provided you are willing to pay for quality! Cheap and best is not a possibility if you are looking at more luxurious and high-end feel in your standalone building apartment.
  • Low-density living in a standalone apartment building is safer even from the perils of future unpleasant events like a pandemic or an epidemic
  • The excellent social infrastructure in and around Sainikpuri is a no-brainer! The locality is self-sufficient in every respect be it eateries, shopping, daily needs, educational needs or healthcare needs. Proximity of ORR via ECIL as well as Alwal has also made life easier for commuters in this posh, clean and green area. The Defence area between Secunderabad and Sainikpuri has also been earmarked for bigger and wider roads that lead right up to Sainikpuri through Neredmet.

All these elements make for a compelling case to explore standalone building apartment options in Sainikpuri and Yapral. Besides, a standalone building is a pleasure to live in and enjoy a well-connected community living experience, and enjoy mutual support and togetherness!

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.” 

Shannon L. Alder

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