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Creating the ‘right feel’ using ‘right house painting colours’ to paint your Indian home! Part 2!

Creating the ‘right feel’ using ‘right House Painting Colours ’ to paint your Indian home! Part 2!

Please read part I of the article.

In this article, we are discussing how your choice of colour for your room’s paint can be a huge contributor to your mood, lifestyle and personal choice.

With this article, you will get a slightly better idea about how you go about choosing the right paint colours for your home.

Choosing the right paint colours for your home.| House painting colours

3. Dark colours at play

Dark colours are NOT always bad! They give you a very cosy and personalized feel. Sometimes we make a mistake, and paint all the walls and rooms light to make everything look more spacious.

Consciously decide, and choose darker colours when you feel you need a more cosy feel in a room. Dark colours don’t always make your room feel like a claustrophobic den. Darker colours work like magic when you need some positive energy and a feeling of warmth in your space.

Choose darker colours when you feel you need a more cosy feel in a room.  |House painting colours

Deep colours continued from one wall to another allowing the eyes to travel along the borders/boundaries of the walls without stopping. This makes the room look expansive or more spacious. Molding used in a room also makes it stand out with both light and dark colours. Molding is like a decorative frame or an embedded design on the walls/ceiling, and this can actually enhance the feeling of being enclosed. Being enclosed need not necessarily mean feeling suffocated.

However, if used with the right colours and preferences, your room can work magic to elevate your mood.

Choosing the right house painting colours.

With darker colours, the edges of the wall do not impede the free flow of eyes. So, even dark colours can give a feel of an uninterrupted, free-flowing gaze.

So, the eye does not stop at the edges or borders but continues around the room seamlessly. Because the eye doesn’t register the borders, space feels like it goes on and on with room walls painted dark.

This imparts a more expansive (spacious-looking) feel to the room walls even when they adorn a dark colour.

 Dark colours can give a feel of an uninterrupted, free-flowing gaze.  | House painting colours.

4. House painting colours: Changing the shape of your room

How do you make a narrow space look more like a square? For instance, if your room is long and narrow, (e.g. a long/narrow passage) and it looks like an elongated rectangle, And you want this long/narrow area to look more like a SQUARE, then the solution is: (a) Paint both ends of the shorter walls with a shade or two darker shade. A darker shade on the smaller wall will make it seem nearer to you, and as a result, the room will look more like a square to you.

You can achieve lots of combinations with paint colour depending on what you want to achieve with the space. It could be expanding, stretching, closing, decreasing height and so on.

Similarly, if you want large walls to look smaller, then you can use molding decorative elements. Sometimes, using molding can make the room look bigger if you use the right molding. Crown molding is a decorative element fitted where the wall meets the ceiling. Molding comes in many materials like wood, plaster, and even polyurethane.

Here also, you can make the room look smaller by painting it with a darker shade. Similarly, if you want the room to look shorter as well, then using a darker colour on the bottom part/end of the wall makes it seem to be grounding the space.

5. What stripes can do to your rooms

Vertical stripes of paint make a room space feel taller.|House painting colours

Similarly, vertical stripes of paint make a room space feel taller. On the other hand, horizontal stripes make your spaces feel longer and wider.

Picking the right house painting colours.

With horizontal stripes, you can create a gradient effect in your room. This is a great way to incorporate the twin effect of spaciousness as well as cosiness. You can use any colour that suits your mood and preference.

One can also use multiple colours, especially in the children’s room to give a beautiful soft wall décor effect.

Even the study room can give a very lively and refreshing feel with stripes in your room.

In Indian homes, the need is usually to make the rooms, as well as the home, look bigger.

This can be achieved by using the right tips for painting.

  • In a small home, it is advisable to paint adjoining rooms the same colour. This helps maintain continuity, and the eyes move comfortably from one room to the other, and this gives a bigger home feel.
vertical stripes of paint make a room space feel taller
  • Hiding not-so-good items by camouflaging them with paint. Elements in our home like vents, or even wardrobes can have the same colour (paint or interior materials). We can even paint some ugly or unwanted items with the same colour of paint, and they can be hidden. This is a good way to downplay items that are eye-sore. These unattractive items blend in with the same paint and don’t get noticed easily.
  • Excessive angles and architectural elements that need to be visual suppressed can be painted on their surface with the same colour. This can be in any room like a laundry room, or any uneven spaces that you don’t like. Just paint them the same colour. Alternatively, you could use even use other materials or textures with the same colour e.g. lamination, wooden paint, enamel paint, fabric etc.
  • Any architectural feature that you want to highlight or stand out can be painted with a different colour. A contrasting colour makes an attractive item pop out with a different colour e.g. a false ceiling or decorative trim.

This way, you can play with paints and their colours to enhance the attractive features of your home, and underplay (suppress) the non-attractive features/items.

It all depends on what you seek, and how the painting or a theme relates to your personal preferences and lifestyle.

“Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions”.


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