Ceramic tiles are the kind which contain a mixture of clays and other natural materials. They are mainly used in residences, restaurants, offices. They can also be used as bathroom wall and kitchen floor surfaces. They are easy to install, to clean, to maintain and are available at not so over the top prices.

Ceramics show great strength and are capable of withstanding high temperatures and acidic materials. One downside is that the ceramic tiles are brittle, and weak in tension. Apart from being used as flooring, ceramics are also used as pipes, bricks, tableware, sanitary, pottery, gas radiants, kiln linings, glass or steel crucibles, knife blades, disc brakes in vehicles etc. 

The ride in demand for ceramic tiles is mainly driven by the growing construction industry. Strong growth of the construction industry in India, China, Brazil and South Asian countries has predicted to fuel the growth of the ceramic tiles market real soon. The increase in industrialisation and urbanisation has resulted in growing demand for commercial as well as residential buildings. There have been a lot of Technological advancements in the manufacturing of ceramic tiles and the raw materials are available in abundance. This has contributed to the growth of the ceramic tiles market.

Ceramic tiles are widely used in a host of applications in various industries such as, residential replacement, commercial, facades for apartments, etc. Residential replacement was the largest application in 2014, accounting for more than 45% of the total volume of the ceramic tiles purchased and consumed. Demand for ceramic tiles used for residential replacement has increased due to its potential as a replacement to paint the building or residence.

Some of the key manufacturers in the global ceramic tiles market include RAK Ceramics, Kajaria Ceramics, etc.


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