3 BHK flat in Hyderabad

5 misunderstood assumptions about buying a 3 BHK flat in Hyderabad

A middle or upper-middle class home buyer in Hyderabad normally has a budget between Rupees 55 lacs to 60 lacs for a 2 BHK apartment. Some home buyers do NOT opt for a 3 BHK apartment for a few misunderstood assumptions.

It may be prudent to give a wise thought to them before taking the final call and buying a smaller 2 BHK flat which measures about 1100 to 1300 Sft. A 3 BHK instead would mean more space upwards of 1400 Sft starting from Rupees 65 lacs onwards.

The home buyers tend to get swayed by oft-misunderstood considerations while foregoing a 3 BHK unit in favour of a 2 BHK. This is particularly true when you have the financial capacity of affording a bigger home, and yet you choose NOT to opt for some extra space.

We shall discuss these here.

Let’s understand these better…

1. A 3 BHK apartments works out costlier in the long run

  • Home buyers often think that instead of spending additional Rupees 5 to 15 lacs, it is better to keep the EMI burden low
  • Fact is, that even if you take a loan at approximately 8%, the overall appreciation in the value of the apartment covers up for the extra money you pay as EMI
  • Basically, the cost of construction gets higher as time progresses
  • In the long run, it works out cheaper and sensible taking an additional burden of Rupees 5+ lacs, depending on what you can afford

2. Paying for extra space of a 3 BHK unit is not worth it

  • Buying a home cannot be a strictly financial decision
  • Your family grows, and you may need separate rooms for your small children as they become teenagers
  • Alternatively, the elders or your guests may require and stay with you for longer duration and more frequently than you anticipated
  • With pandemic like possibilities, more space never hurts, and makes you lead a better life

3. Additional space like utility room in a 3 BHK is not necessary

  • A 3 BHK flat comes with more spacious rooms, additional bathrooms, a utility room, and, may be, even a puja room
  • These are important since you need to have space to make life comfortable for storing your food and beverages, clothing, laundry/ironing, and also to take care of your pets
  • All this becomes nerve wrecking when you have a small 2 BHK

4. A 2 BHK unit is easy to re-sell or give on rent

  • On the contrary, a 3 BHK is more easy to sell/rent, and the returns you get are usually more than what you may think
  • The location of your apartment eventually gets better with time, and those who can afford to buy or rent you 3 BHK flat will be better prospects for you

5. One can always buy a 3 BHK flat in Hyderabad once the income level goes up after a few years

  • With construction prices shooting up and inflation, you will most likely THANK your stars for making the wise choice of going for a bigger apartment
  • Also, having become familiar with your surroundings and established social connect and friends, it becomes painful leaving your small 2 BHK home, and trying to establish yourself all over again in a new 3 BHK unit in a different society
  • You can NOT add space into your 2 BHK unit, and it is always wise to have some buffer, and NOT forego a 3 BHK unit when you have the opportunity
  • Plus, after a few years, the cost of switching to a 3 BHK may NOT be as economical as you might expect

Simply put, if your finances are good, then a 3 BHK unit in Hyderabad is a better bet than settling down for a cramped up 2 BHK unit.

So, while picking your dream home, go for a spacious 3 BHK, and draw inspiration from the following quote:

“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.”


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