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Is it really worth buying a 3 BHK apartment for more than INR 1 crore in Sainikpuri?

An average 1600 square feet 3BHK apartment in Sainikpuri could cost in the range of Rs 65 to Rs 75 lakhs. These regular apartments are meant for the middle to the upper-middle-class segment of home buyers.

buying a 3 bhk apartment

So, why should anyone pay Rs 1 crore for an apartment in Sainikpuri? If an apartment in Sainikpuri is priced at over Rupees 1 crore, then we need a sound justification for it!

Let us ask ourselves:

What should you be getting if you are spending over Rs 1 crore for an apartment in the lush-green locality of Sainikpuri? What kind of an apartment deserves to cost over Rs 1 crore in Sainikpuri? What are the factors or features that justify this price point?

Here we are discussing 4 major reasons why a 3BHK apartment in Sainikpuri could cost over Rs 1 crore.

1. Emergence of ‘one apartment per floor’ spacious exclusive homes in Sainikpuri

  • These exclusive-apartments are meant for home-buyers who are looking for an elevated lifestyle! These units give you ‘5 apartments on 5 floors’ made in a standalone building over a 400-700 square yard residential plot in Sainikpuri. You also get exclusive parking, elevator-access, and power back-up among other things
  • The buyers of this type of configuration are more luxury-conscious rather than cost-averse
  • Exclusivity and low-density living are the rewards of this configuration since you virtually get to own the entire floor!
  • With apartment admeasuring over 2000 sft, it would easily go up to Rs 1.5 crore…since the cost of land in Sainikpuri contributes to a significant chunk of Rs 1 crore plus residence
  • As these independent-floor apartments stand-out in exclusivity and luxury, they qualify to be worth more than Rs 1 crore in price in a beautiful locality like Sainikpuri

2. Sainikpuri emerging as a posh locality with increasing land prices

  • Sainikpuri, located in the North-Eastern part of Hyderabad is increasingly becoming a preferred destination for home buyers
  • Consequently, the land prices of Sainikpuri are touching Rs 50,000 per square yard
  • While this is still quite reasonable as compared to the Western Hyderabad (IT corridor), the increase in prices is bound to happen in Sainikpuri area
  • Sainikpuri is fast becoming scare in available land-parcels
  • In the years ahead, the number of 3 BHK spacious homes costing over Rs 1 crore will be much more in the offering
  • Plus, the demand of home buyers in this scenic locality is only going to further increase in the coming years

3. Superior construction-quality and high-end specifications for a discerning customer

  • The price of apartment goes over Rs 1 crore the moment a builder makes homes for a customer segment that seeks superior construction, better fixtures, premium-accessories, and high-end specifications
  • When the home buyer wants top-of-the-line construction quality, the per square foot prices goes-up by Rs 500 per sft to Rs 1000 depending on the extent of luxury being offered
  • This luxury element is visible in the ‘specifications’ of the project. Whether it is plumbing, electricals, the flooring, the doors or windows, finishing, and every element of specifications would ooze luxury brands in the above-average customer segment
  • This is why these 3BHK luxury apartments in Sainikpuri or Yapral would range between Rs 5500 to Rs 6000 per sft. So, a 3BHK unit is over 1800 sft in area would cost over Rs 1 crore

4. Lifestyle enhancing high-end ‘amenities’ adding to the cost

  • The cost of amenities like branded elevator-access, security, common areas etc. also contributes in making these apartment residences cost above Rs 1 crore in Sainikpuri
  • In gated-community residential projects, the amenities are more such as multi-layered-security arrangements, home-automation options, contactless technology at use, landscaped gardens, play areas, clubhouse, spa, gymnasium etc. All these add-up pushing up the cost of apartments
  • Customers are nowadays demanding 2 car parking areas to be allotted, that too adds to the price of the dwelling-unit

As we can deduce, apartments in Sainikpuri costing over Rs 1 crore are either MORE SPACIOUS or belong to the LUXURY SEGMENT.

With the above perspective, a prospective home buyer can assess a Rupee ONE crore plus apartment in Sainikpuri with complete clarity and conviction.

After all, you need to make sure that your money is well spent for a better lifestyle, well-being, and overall happiness of your family!

To quote Suze Orman– “Happiness is not a luxury. It is a necessity. When we are happy, we are in the best possible place to be good to ourselves and those we love.”


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