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Factors that make a 3BHK apartment in a ‘standalone building’ attractive for a home buyer in Hyderabad

Standalone buildings like builders floor apartments could prove to be a better option for a 3 BHK for the simple reason that finding large land parcels in well-established, low-density colonies in Hyderabad is very difficult! Standalone buildings offer you the best possible alternative for high-quality living.

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Gated communities and standalone buildings are both considered by a home buyer as they evaluate options in Hyderabad. While the amenities are far more in large gated communities yet, the humble ‘standalone building apartments’ have their own unique appeal that makes them desirable to both mid-segment as well as high-end segment of homebuyers in Hyderabad. In fact, with high luxury elements incorporated, the standalone apartment can actually turn out to be even more expensive and prestigious than a regular gated community apartment that offers more amenities.

Gated community high-rise buildings are built upon sprawling acres that are relatively away from the key city hubs.

Standalone buildings, on the contrary, are built on much smaller plots admeasuring usually between 400 square yards to 2000 square yards in well-connected and well-established localities in Hyderabad.

Within standalone buildings, you find TWO CATEGORIES of configurations in Hyderabad:

  1. ‘Cluster apartments’ configuration: For the middle-class price-sensitive segment. Here you have 2, 3 or 4 apartments on each floor (so, you get neighbours on the same floor); PLOT-SIZE is usually more than 900 square yards
  2. ‘One apartment per floor’ i.e builders floor apartment configuration: For the upper-middle to upper-class luxury-seeking buyer-segment; Here you get an exclusive, independent floor all to yourself (with no neighbours on a floor); PLOT SIZE is usually between 400 square yards to 700 square yards

A. Advantages of a ‘cluster apartments configuration’ standalone building

  1. Time to possession is much lesser as compared with gated community apartments
  2. Home buyers can actually engage, ratify and witness the progress of a standalone building themselves. It is a sheer pleasure and an advantage to watch your home building come-up in front of your eyes
  3. Location advantage with standalone buildings is usually much more than gated community buildings
  4. Consequently, the existing social infrastructure is much better in these well-established colonies where these standalone buildings come up
  5. Advantages of peaceful, serene, green and safe environments of a colony where residential houses are already build, and how a low rise 5-storey standalone building gels very well in such colonies
  6. You get to see what you get much sooner, since these are not large builders who you cannot meet and discuss your apartment specific preferences
  7. You get started on your home related tax benefits much sooner post possession, and rental income begins sooner too
  8. For a middle-class buyer the ‘cluster apartment’ standalone building costs cheaper than their gated-community counterparts. This is because a ‘standalone building’ apartment may NOT be high on amenities which you get with high-rise gated-communities
  9. A gated community offer more amenities, but they also cost more! The cost of these additional amenities is added into the price of the apartment in these gated community apartments, which may not be very attractive to home buyers who seek ‘value for money’

B. Advantages of an ‘builders floor configuration’ standalone building

  1. The advantages mentioned in section A above apply to this configuration as well, since these ‘independent floor’ apartments are belong to the ‘standalone building’ category
  2. ‘One apartment per floor’ i.e builders floor apartment configuration stands out as truly exclusive homes in Hyderabad
  3. These are independent-floor homes meant for those who are looking for greater luxury inside-the-house, and a villa-like feel where you own the entire floor! With 5 residences build on a small plot of 400 to 700 square yards, these 5 luxurious units in a standalone building allow you to own the entire floor-plate, all to yourself! For instance, in Sainikpuri and Yapral locality these ‘exclusive floors’ are in demand, and cost approximately Rs. 1.5 crore for a spacious 2200 sft unit
  4. These exclusive independent-floors i.e builders floor apartment have no common walls, no neighbours to invade into your privacy, and no restriction on free-flow of natural light and cross-ventilation. No wonder, they cost more than the usual cluster-living apartments
  5. If a regular apartment in Sainikpuri, Yapral areas costs about Rs 4500 per sft, these ‘exclusive floors’ cost about Rs 5500 to Rs 6000 per sft. You simply pay more for the benefits, and a heightened luxury element that comes to you when you own the entire floor of a building!
  6. These ‘independent floor’ residences are truly ‘limited edition’ homes meant only for 5 families. These units usually spread over 2000 sft are spacious. Being part of a 5-storey standalone-building (as per GHMC norms in Hyderabad), the ‘exclusivity-factor’ comes with amenities like elevator access (lifts) going to each floor
  7. High-end specifications that go into the making of these residences add to the exclusivity and luxury, which includes direct access to the floor via ‘branded elevators’ (lift)
  8. The cost of the land and the amenities are spread amongst the 5 families in these exclusive units. This is why if we take the example of Sainikpuri, a cost of approximately Rs 5500 to Rs 6000 per sft will seem well-justified
  9. The extra money you shell-out in this configuration allows you to fuse functionality with aesthetics. The result is a conducive living environment that gets you unparalleled joy and an elevated lifestyle quotient
  10. They offer a sense of spaciousness, plus considerably high-end, branded specifications. Besides these, the exclusive parking, security arrangements, and all the other additional luxuries of life are also shared among the 5 owners in this configuration. This kind of luxury coupled with low-density living comes at a price!

These are some of the compelling reasons why a standalone building apartment caters to the needs of both the buyer segments- ‘average price’ as well as ‘high price’ seeking homebuyers in Hyderabad!


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