Benefits of indoor plants

Benefits of indoor plants in an Indian dream home!

Indoor plants simply make you happy, relieve stress, and boost creativity, and productivity. It is a delight to see our productivity going up and our well-being quotient going up with green plants around us. 

The right indoor plants also help improve the air quality of your home. We need to know if a plant is toxic, especially with children or pets at home! A few indoor plants we must NOT bring home are Dumb Cane, English Ivy, Easter Lily, Peace Lily, Daffodils, Philodendron, Pothos, and Sago Palm among others. These are poisonous!

One of the things that the pandemic has taught us is that greenery in the house brings you closer to nature. Greenery is all the more important if you are living in an apartment, and want to be one with nature.

Benefits of indoor plants:

  • Extensive research by NASA has revealed that houseplants can remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in 24 hours.
  • Studies have proven that houseplants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15%), reduce stress levels, and boost your mood
  • Plants help you sleep better. According to studies by NASA houseplants not only produce additional oxygen for your room. As anyone with sleep apnea will attest, more oxygen at night is much better for a good night’s rest
  • Plants also reduce the quantities of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and natural toxins like benzene and formaldehyde, helping you breathe better in general
  • Plants are an inexpensive way to jazz up even the most boring rooms. They are an easy and gorgeous way to style up your living spaces
  • You can also have fun with the pots, and display your plants in beautiful ceramic and copper containers
  • ‘Work from home’ environment gets much better by adding plants to your home
  • Productivity benefits include increased speed of reaction in a computer-based task
  • Your attention span also improves sub-consciously
  • Increased pain tolerance (for example, where plants were used in hospital settings)

Disadvantages of indoor plants:

Maintenance and upkeep issues. Plants can sometimes be messy and require excessive attention. 

  • Live plants need soil and regular watering to thrive. This can sometimes lead to the occasional mess if the pot is upset or water spills
  • When selecting somewhere to place them it is especially important to take this into consideration
  • Plants aren’t always good for pets. If you have cats and dogs around the house, be especially careful about what plants you choose. Some varieties of houseplants like azalea, cyclamen, and kalanchoe could be extremely dangerous for your furry friends if ingested
  • Do proper research before purchasing your choice plan

Choosing the right indoor plants matters!

  1. The Snake plant
  2. Peace lily
  3. Lucky bamboo plant
  4. Ferns
  5. Chinese Evergreen
  6. Grape Ivy
  7. Flamingo flower
  8. Areca palm
  9. Money Plant
  10. Gerbera Daisy

No wonder homeowners with apartments in India are increasingly getting obsessed with greenery. People actually feel that indoor plants help them feel better. Mental and physical well-being gets better. Some of the obvious physical benefits are reduced blood pressure, reduced fatigue, and reduced headaches. Your ability to remain at home, and work at home increases. Those with plants in their kitchen, laundry, living, bedroom, and even balcony feel much less lonely. The presence of plants simply alleviates both physical and psychological pain!

This is why residential home builders in India are doing better than before in offering apartments with lots of green covers, and making provisions for greenery in architectural designs.

Indoor plants are blissful in every way provided you are committed to taking care of them! They simply love you back abundantly!! 

Greenery at home gives a huge psychological respite! Having your room filled with nature’s bliss helps you breathe easier, focus better, and make you happier!

“Nature is a tonic that can neither be packaged nor bottled… It eases the mind and soothes the senses.”

– Melanie Charlene

To know more about “Good Mental Health: A Responsibility To be Taken-Up Consciously!Click here!

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