innovative in 3bhk apartment in hyderabad

The 9 most innovative things happening in 3 BHK apartments in Hyderabad

Post pandemic, the way we look at our lives has changed remarkably. The things are no different in Hyderabad. Home buyers are no longer happy with the conventional ways of making apartments with focus on Bedroom, Hall and Kitchen.

The middle and upper-middle class home buyers are demanding more out of their homes, and are NOT willing to settle for the conventional ways. Instead of settling for a 2 BHK unit, people want a 3 BHK residence for more space, better life!

This is a result of the lessons that the pandemic has taught us. Consequently, there has been resurgent tilt towards family being the focal-point of the earning members of the household.

The proactive builders have sensed this shift in needs, and are taking measures to be innovative in their product offerings.

The list of innovative measures being demanded by home buyers in Hyderabad, and being responded-to by the builders:

1. Exclusive, clever spaces for ‘work from home’, and ‘study from home’ needs

  • The children as well as adults, all need to work/study from home
  • Conventional designs won’t work, and new architectural designs need smart utilization of spaces to cater to work/study spaces
  • Concept of ‘office at home’, ‘gym/fitness at home’, and ‘entertainment at home’ are the newest innovations home buyers are looking for

2. Added focus on providing smart floor-plans to give more privacy to residents of apartments in hyderabad

  • Consequently, smart floor plans that cross-utilize spaces more efficiently are required
  • For instance, bedroom can NO LONGER be just for occupying the bed to rest/sleep, it needs to much more
  • Innovative new design elements need to secure privacy while giving better spaces
smart floor plan of apartments in hyderabad

3. ‘Utility room’ becoming most critical space, and a need to be better, bigger & efficient

  • With pandemic, ‘utility room’ has taken the centre stage as a place to allow us become self-reliant and self-sufficient in difficult times
  • Innovation on design to accommodate storage, laundry, and other house-hold needs is a must, besides being reasonably spacious and efficient to work-in

4. Spaces and design elements for mental and physical health

  • People are beginning to realize that going out of the house for health needs is not the safest option
  • Health spaces within home save time besides saving lives of family members
  • Home buyers need cross-utilization of spaces for their health needs with innovative designs

5. Cross-ventilation, sunlight, and social-distancing norms taking precedence over elements like blindly following Vastu tenets

  • More sunshine and more fresh/clean air is a priority
  • Besides automated systems to clear the air, innovation is the answer to tight or stagnant spaces to ensure a well-ventilated microbe-free living
  • Practical designs true to the scientific spirit of Vastu would be preferred rather than blindly following Vastu diktats even when they are an obstacle to a healthy living

6. Low density housing and stand-alone buildings in less crowded residential colonies in Hyderabad

  • Location of homes will be preferred in more open and less densely populated areas with open spaces, lesser human traffic and convenient social-infrastructure
  • Builders and home buyers are increasingly getting open to this ‘low-density living’
  • E.g. owning a single-apartment on a low-rise floor becomes a better/safer proposition than opting for a high-rise gated community where you brush shoulders with excessive human contact

7. Contactless technologies at play in the residences

  • Whether it is security, common-area management, accessories/fixtures used or other facilities, becoming contactless is a selling-point home-buyers are open to
  • Sky is the limit to such technologies being adopted, and futuristic home buyers will come with expectations of a far more contactless living experience

8. Redefining amenities- ‘relevant vs. non-essentials’

  • Gymnasiums, swimming-pools, enclosed-common spaces were the first to shut during pandemic
  • Home buyers want innovative solutions on amenities they can use if they are paying for them
  • ‘More amenities’ is not as important as ‘RELEVANT AMENITIES’ that are essentials
  • More space in elevator and on staircase is perhaps more important that it was ever before

9. ‘Flex spaces’ for multiple-purposes, ‘robotic-furniture’, and ideas to makes spaces ‘convertible’ to meet multi-tasking and multi-entertainment needs

  • Architects need to ensure the spaces are innovatively utilized, and no space in the home-design is unutilized
  • Robotic furniture or even convertible-furniture allows a home buyer to use the same space for multiple purposes
  • Imagine turning your living room into an office with the press of a button, OR bedroom having spaces crafted that allow to work/study in a more innovative and space-saving way
  • A feeling of spaciousness and ability to cross-utilize existing spaces is the new driver of innovation on home designs

This fine balance between designs and innovation will be a key differentiator of a home buyer’s preference in Hyderabad, with significant population working in the ‘tertiary sectors’, like Information Technology, for a living.


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