Many years ago independent houses and villas were common in cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc and apartment complexes were very few. Lack of construction space, increase in land cost and migration of population to the cities for jobs led the apartment culture flourish in big cities.

Nowadays you can see apartments and skyscrapers everywhere compared to independent houses.But still, there are few colonies in the cities where there are only independent houses.
The city has divided into areas with apartments and areas with independent houses. We can find that older parts of the city are mostly independent houses. Any new construction in the city is most likely to be apartments.

Below are few pros and cons of living in apartment versus independent houses:

Community – When you live in a multistory apartment, depending on the size the number of flats may vary from 50 to 500. Therefore this builds communities of a very huge number of families. Family members are less likely to feel bored as they find many people of their age group to talk with. Hence staying in an apartment will not need you to go out to find company. Community and socializing seems the biggest plus of staying in an apartment.

In this regard staying in an independent house has a drawback of a big community and socializing. Though there are houses around, the number of people you will be able to meet is still not so much. Sometimes people in independent houses feel lonely especially if they are not able to gel with their neighbors. But the gated community concept has emerged in which a single colony has a large number of villas and row houses which becomes more or less like an apartment and there will be a large community staying at the same place.

Security – Security is the prime concern of people living in independent houses other than gated communities. It is not common for people living in independent houses to hire a security guard. Hence independent houses are more easy to access for burglars as they are exposed as separate units and no security.

In this regard apartments are safer as they have more flats inside and different floors and blocks, there will be a dedicated security guard at the gate. In this case the probability of burglars and crime to happen is less in apartments. Due to the large number of flats there are chances where people working inside the apartment community like maids, watchmen, may steal things in flats.

Cost – Considering the purchasing point of view, buying an apartment is cheaper than buying an independent house or a villa for the same quality.

Maintenance – Maintenance charges are usually high in apartments as there are a huge number of flats, lot of expenses are involved in security, plumbing, water etc. All the charges divided equally to reach flat on a monthly basis. Single flat owner has no control on maintenance charges. Hence we cannot save on monthly maintenance charges.

On the other hand, independent houses have an advantage here. As we are responsible for the maintenance of our house we can optimize the charges as per our wish. Charges are incurred on problems occurring and nature of job involved to fix it and there is no fixed monthly charge.

Disturbance – The flats being close together the chances of disturbances are pretty high. Since the apartments on the same floor share common walls, floors and ceilings noise transmission from one flat to another is very common. Due to large number of people, disturbances from common areas like vehicle noises , kids playing and people talking can also disturb the flats.

Independent houses are generally free from the above disturbances as they are from other houses and isolated.

Extra space – In apartments we cannot get dedicated extra space apart from the balcony and inside space. The common areas like terrace, verandah are shared by people from all the flats. In independent houses you have your own extra space which can be utilized to your own comfort ad likes. This can be considered as one of the major advantages of having an independent house.

So we see that both apartments and independent houses have their own pros and cons. Different people have different preferences regarding the pros and cons of owning a property. Nowadays there is a huge growth in apartment culture whereas on the other hand there are people who prefer to live in an independent house.

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