anti-termite treatment of the foundation

3 BHK flat in Hyderabad: Has your builder done a thorough anti-termite treatment of the foundation?

With Hyderabad being a predominant market of standalone building apartments, you have many small builders who undertake construction on smaller plots and offer standalone building apartments to home buyers in Hyderabad.

Anti-termite treatment of the foundation is an important element that secures the safety of your home as well as family members for the decades ahead of you.

Termites are the most destructive insect pests in the world. They damage buildings causing huge financial losses besides being a threat to healthy living. In India alone, we have over 200 species of termites.

How is termite infestation detected in a home that has not been treated properly?

If anti-termite treatment is NOT done properly, then, over a period of time the white ants take over the house, and penetrate deep into the building, and make their way to your wooden furniture. This is detected when you get a hollow sound in the wood when you tap it. You also witness a swarm of winged insects in your home (termite flying around like an insect), bubbling paint inside your home walls, and shed-out wings of the swarming insects.

anti-termite treatment for the foundation

Facts about termites and anti-termite treatment of the foundation of your dream home

  • Wood is a cellulosic materials which termites damage because cellulose is their basic nutrient
  • Termites feast on materials of organic origin with a cellulosic base like furniture, furnishing, clothes, paper, stationery items etc.
  • This is not all, termites can damage even non-cellulosic substance while searching for their food, especially items like rubber, leather, plastic, neoprene as well as lead-coating that covers the underground cables
  • Based on their habitat, termites are can be (1) Subterranean or ground nesting, and (2) Non-Subterranean or wood nesting termites that NOT in contact with soil
  • It is the subterranean termites that cause massive destruction to buildings

Pre-Construction Anti-termite treatment of the foundation is needed before your builder actually begins construction of the actual building. This alone can help avoid future termite problems over a long period of time. Many builders resort to short-cuts or go with a lackadaisical approach to termites. They know that after the flat is sold, especially after 5 or 10 years, the buyers cannot catch or blame the builder for this grave lapse. Hence, the unprofessional and unethical builders do not pay much attention to anti-termite treatment.

The ethical and professional builders use advanced techniques and multiple-stage treatment for stalling termite infestation problems from occurring.

During construction as well, anti-termite treatment must be done to create effective guards against a potential penetration. This depends on the number of storeys in a building. Typically, in a 5-storey apartment, you need a 5-stage of Anti-termite treatment of the foundation right from foundation to construction phase.

Anti-termite treatment stages

The treatment activities comprise of five stages as per Bureau of Indian Standards:

Stage 1: Trenches of foundation (bottom + sides)

Stage 2: Foundation (backfill in contact)

Stage 3: Intersection of Wall & Floor (to secure vertical continuity of chemicals)

Stage 4: Surface of Plinth

Stage 5: External perimeter of the structure (to create an effective chemical barrier)

Being knowledgeable of just these simple facts is enough to allow a home buyer in Hyderabad to question the builder, and to witness evidence of the right approach to managing the menace of termites.

A little vigilance and the right knowledge go a long way to safeguard your future happiness in your dream home!

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