We have all seen homes/ apartments built with the conventional red bricks and cement. But lately, there has been a change and grey bricks are being seen at construction sites. These grey blocks are called Aerocon Blocks.

Aerocon is a brand which produces light weight blocks. They are so successful that the product itself is probably being known as Aerocon bricks.

Technically these are AAC (Autoclaved Aerated concrete) blocks available in different sizes and by different manufacturers. The main feature of such blocks is their being extremely lightweight but at the same time, very strong. The blocks are factory made and thus, the shape and size is perfect and needs very less mortar for joints. Some of the joints may be as thin as 3mm to 5 mm. Plastering may not be required for some of the types of blocks and  one may directly go for putty and painting.


How are they prepared?

During the pre-production, fly ash and water are mixed together in perfect quantities to form a slurry. This slurry mixture is heated and then transferred to a high speed mixer, to which the rest of the ingredients: lime, cement, and aluminum powder are added. During the mixing process, a chemical reaction takes place between the materials and as a result, tiny bubbles are formed in the mixture which form the characteristic cellular or aircrete structure. A little later, when the mixture of materials is partially set, it is wire cut into the pre designed sizes. These cut blocks are then transferred into autoclaves for a process of high pressure steam curing. This autoclaving assisted by aeration process is what gives the unique, light-weight cellular structure as well as the strength to the Aerocon block.

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