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7 things you need to check on ‘specifications’ before you book your 2/3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad!

7 things you need to check on ‘specifications’ before you book your 2/3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad!

While buying a home, we normally evaluate 3 factors- i) A legal worry-free home, ii) Clarity on our needs/requirements, and iii) ‘Specifications’ as provided by the builder.

‘Legal factors’ pertain to things like ownership, permissions, RERA & GHMC approvals etc. ‘Our requirements’ are actually ‘extraneous factors’ that have to do with the location, unit size, family & lifestyle needs, amenities, possession details, budget and so on.

In this article we will focus on the most ignored home buyers ‘Intrinsic factors’. We must understand what we are offered by way of ‘QUALITY’ of specifications, ‘construction-related professional rigour’.

As a home buyer of an apartment in Hyderabad, you must be aware of what these ‘specifications’ and ‘construction related processes’ mean and do for you and your family.

Simply put- we must know ‘what to expect’ as well as ‘what to accept’ from the builder!

1. Overall Importance of specifications and construction rigour

  • ‘Good & high-quality specifications’ alone mean that we are dealing with a GENUINE and TRUSTWORTHY builder!
  • To do that, we need to understand what ‘good and high quality’ actually is
  • A new home buyer is both vulnerable, as well as ignorant of the specifications, and does not know they mean
  • To make matters worse, fixation on budget and low price also causes many new home buyer to end up with a raw deal. Even worse scenario- some homebuyers don’t even care about ‘specifications’. To them, all builders are alike, and all materials/specifications are equally good or bad
construction rigour
  • While comparing prices, we must check on the specifications besides other things. If the overall quality of materials is superior, it must reflect in the specification
  • We must NOT accept or reject a builder basis price alone. That’s a blunder!
  • If the price is too low, there is reason to believe that the builder is cutting corners on critical construction-related specifications, and offering you a sub-par home.
  • Clearly, you don’t want to end up buying a low-grade home that deteriorates and starts getting a ‘run-down’ look & feel faster than you expect! When that happens, even resale of your home becomes difficult

2. Soil testing & Anti-termite treatment

  • Soil-testing measures the type of land and, its ability to bear the building’s load. This is the scientific way to detect unstable soils, and to take measures to make the building’s foundation strong
  • Soil testing also reveals the extent of ‘water content’ in soil. High water content tends to trap the ‘air’, and this is harmful to the strength of the foundation
soil testing
  • Acidic soils can be treated post soil-testing, and preventing concrete & steel structures from failing-apart
  • Soil testing is like a pathway to prevent ‘hazards’ like rains, water-logging, earthquakes and other weather-related adverse impacts
    • Pre-construction anti-termite treatment is a must to make a building safe from termite attacks
    • Health issues and attack on the entire building can be avoided if at least 5 rounds of anti-termite treatment is undertaken seriously by the builder

3. Anti-rust TMT bars, branded Cement

  • Anti-corrosive TMT bars have the required ductile strength to withstand enormous pressures a building is subjected to
  • Branded TMT bars like TATA TISCON 500D use a robust metallurgical process that gives them strength & ductility
  • Use of reputed branded cement is a no-brainer e.g. UltraTech, ACC and many more
  • Also, bricks from reputed kiln suppliers must be used for long term sturdiness

4. Quality of doors and frames, UPVC windows & weatherproof exterior emulsion

  • Wooden or branded doors, frames & shutters must be checked for quality and sturdiness
  • UPVC windows from good branded companies are excellent because they are low-maintenance, eco-friendly & reasonably strong!
  • UPVC provide excellent ventilation, noise reduction and thermal Insulation
  • UPVC windows are excellent on security, durability, and are also weatherproof. Being low-maintenance, they don’t lose shape
  • UPVC is also sea-water resistant, pollution resistant, chemical proof, and is a superb natural flame retardant
  • The high level of insulation and warmth the UPVC windows provide during winters is truly admirable
  • Good branded Exterior Emulsion is a must-have. It is an acrylic, water-based emulsion with silicon additives that’s designed to withstand direct sunlight, air, water and changing seasons. Good quality emulsion sticks to surface, giving UV protection to the building surface
  • A branded weather-proof acrylic exterior emulsion lasts for years, and can withstand extreme tropical conditions comprising high rainfall, humidity & heat. They can protect against alkali and UV degradation, ensuring that the colour shade lasts longer
  • A branded weather-proof acrylic emulsion also prevents appearance of black spots on walls

5. Fire-retardant electrical wiring, Distribution boards and MCBs

  • Specifications must include Fire retardant cables that resist combustion, contain the propagation of flames, and restricts the amount of smoke in a fire situation
  • Branded cables like Havells & Finolex are extremely reliable flame retardant, high insulation resistance as well as have anti-rodent properties
Electrical wiring
  • Branded Electrical fittings make you and your home safe, so do NOT compromise on those
  • A branded ‘Distribution Board’ that divides electrical power feed into mini-circuits, and provides a protective circuit to keep you and your home safe
  • Good quality ‘Miniature Circuit Breakers’ (MCBs) are equally important since they trip upon overload or short-circuit due to electrical-faults & equipment-failure
  • Elegant modular switches from branded companies prevent risk of electrical shock

6. Tiles for rooms and washroom, CP & Sanitary fittings

  • Good quality vitrified tiles have very low porosity besides being stain-resistant. They remain extremely hard to last for decades
  • Branded vitrified tiles give you a smooth-finish. They are scratch resistant, high on mechanical strength, resistant to chemicals, and extremely easy to maintain
  • You can even opt for Acid Resistant Tiles to resist Acid, Alkali & Chemicals in washroom, utility room or kitchen
  • Washbasin, EWCs & CP fittings- from reputed brands also cost, and must not be compromised while checking the specifications

7. Quality of elevators, DG generators

  • While checking on specifications, check for lifts with V3F drive system from branded companies such as Kone, Johnson, Schneider
  • Trusted brands of ‘lifts’ is critical since our safety & life depends on it
  • World-class makes of elevators provide energy-saving options that save up to 50% energy resulting in cost-savings
  • Branded elevators come with ‘Variable Voltage & Variable Frequency (V3F)’ to control speed of lifts, and give a smooth ride
  • On the Diesel generators, specifications must include ‘Acoustic enclosed Diesel Generator’ from reputed companies like Kirloskar, Cummins, Mahindra
  • Quality of Genset provides for a comfortable living experience! Good brands give an impeccable level of quality, and are also known for their fuel efficiency, safety and long life
  • Branded Diesel Generators use ‘Acoustic Enclosures’ help control noise by muffling it

To conclude, home buyers need to be knowledgeable in selectively evaluating the specifications while buying their 2, 3 or 4 BHK apartments in Hyderabad.

So, gain the right perspective, understand the ‘quality always costs’, and build the right frame of mind to question the builders intelligently! Spend more if the need be, but do NOT lower your expectations from your dream-home! Do NOT fall for a low quality product!

After all, what goes inside the making of the home matters! Your peace of mind and hard-earned money deserves this attention to detail. And, detail is in the specifications and the quality thereof!

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