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5 MYTHS about ‘standalone-building’ apartments in Hyderabad BUSTED!

Hyderabad has many small builders in the ‘standalone building apartment’ segment offering a variety of options when it comes to the extent of budget and luxury a home buyer seeks.

A standalone building is constructed in small plot areas measuring between 400 square yards to 2000 square yards in well-established, low-density residential colonies. Location-wise, these are preferred by the home buyers due to the naturally-evolved social infrastructure developed around these colonies.

Some home-buyers hesitate exploring a ‘standalone building apartment’ option since they are predisposed towards a gated-community apartment spread over acres of land comprising of high-rise buildings that go beyond 9-storeys.

In Hyderabad, the home-buyers are increasingly preferring ‘standalone building apartments’ at locations that are high on social infrastructure. Most of the locations where standalone building apartments are constructed may also offer a peaceful environment bereft of noise and air pollution, for instance, in Sainikpuri & Yapral in Secunderabad.

FIVE misconceptions and myths about standalone building

1. Standalone building apartments are low in quality

  • This is certainly not the case anymore. Builders are deploying professionally-qualified structural engineers, architects for construction purposes. They are using pre-construction rigour as well as quality-conscious construction rigour as specific by Bureau of Indian Standards
  • Besides, before construction and marketing of projects, the builder is required to take approval by way of a ‘Building Permit’ from municipal bodies like GHMC or HMDA. For large projects, the builders come under the purview of RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority)
  • Thus, there is no way that any builder can get an ‘Occupation Certificate’ from the regulatory bodies if the safety and quality parameters are not met
  • Plus, the smaller builders try harder to make their offering attractive with ‘high quality construction’ along with elements like soil-testing, a strong structure along with durable interiors and external finish

2. Standalone building apartments are bought by those who cannot afford gated-community apartments

  • This is incorrect. Standalone building apartments are increasingly coming-up in better-locations, and are preferred due to the close proximity to superior social-infrastructure
  • In most good locations in Hyderabad, you hardly find large land parcels where gated-community buildings can come up. Hence, standalone building apartments plug this gap, and offer the best alternative to own a home in terrific locations across Hyderabad
  • With the exception of far-flung areas where large land-parcels exist, the locations near the work or shopping hubs do NOT have such large land parcels where gated-community high-rise buildings can come-up
  • Cost of standalone apartments is lower compared to amenities-rich gated-community apartments. The reason simply is the lack of additional amenities like swimming pool, gymnasium, play-areas, clubhouse etc. The cost of this is NOT passed on to a buyer of a standalone building apartment
  • Infact, in certain locations like Banjara Hills or Jubilee Hills, these standalone-building apartment homes are in fact more expensive due to the location advantage

3. Small builders cannot match the professional and quality of ‘gated community big-project builders

  • This is again a myth since with regulatory bodies watching-over, and the needs of discerning/demanding customers, the professional rigour and professional approach is actually not a problem
  • Of course, the home buyer needs to check the credibility of the builder before going ahead with the booking. But, that applies to both gated-community as well as standalone building segment
  • The home buyers are paying hefty amount for their dream home, and with a competitive market, the small builders making standalone building apartments are offering highly professional and superior quality of construction quality with impeccable finish as well as utility

4. Standalone building apartments do NOT have even basic amenities

  • This is a myth, since the presence of ‘relevant amenities’ like branded & spacious lifts, power back-up, security, lobbies etc. make the ‘standalone building segment’ very attractive to home buyers in Hyderabad
  • Of course, the additional amenities like swimming-pool, gymnasium, play-areas etc. are NOT a part of a standalone building, but these often NOT USED by the home buyer. So, with a ‘standalone building apartment’ you purchase, these amenities are simply NOT baked into the cost of your dream home
  • Instead, you spend the same money for buying the SPACE INSIDE THE HOME, thereby, avoiding paying for something which you actually may not even use
  • This need to pay for SPACE inside the house, rather than on external-amenities is more than adequately met by the standalone building segment
  • This is why home buyers in Hyderabad are in fact wanting MORE SPACE TO THEMSELVES (3BHK or more) in standalone building apartments

5. Standalone building apartment builders provide sub-standard specifications and inferior designs

  • This is simply not true! One can pick the specifications offered by standalone builders, and check/compare by actually visiting completed standalone building apartments of reputed builders
  • It will become clear that the specifications depend on the segment of apartment you wish to buy. There is virtually nothing that a builder cannot provide in terms of specifications or architectural designs, provided you are willing to pay a price for it
  • Plus, the builder is more than conscious of buyer-needs when it comes to design elements. No wonder, in the post-COVID era, the home designs are taking care of MORE SPACE including ‘at-home’ work & study spaces besides open-kitchen, laundry/utility room, balconies and sense-of-privacy etc.

Hence, it is a MYTH to assume that you won’t get value for your money while exploring a standalone building apartment.

On the contrary, the standalone building apartment is actually a more lucrative deal in many respects when it comes to a healthier and superior lifestyle for the entire family!


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